Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 Battle Pass – All rewards, price, more

Franco Diaz
Neon, Clove & Gekko with Valorant Battle Pass skins

A brand-new Act of Valorant means a new Battle Pass loaded with rewards waiting to be claimed. The Battle Pass rewards of Act 9 Episode 1 feature a variety of weapon skins, sprays, gun buddies, and more. One of the new player cards even carries a small hint at Agent 26, the next character to join Valorant’s roster.

Players can choose to grind the free Battle Pass or pay for the Premium route and receive extra loot. Speaking of which, here’s a breakdown of all the rewards.

All Battle Pass rewards

Premium Rewards

1Bumble Brigade Ghost0
2‘Convergence’ Buddy2,000
310 Radianite Points2,750
4‘Convergence’ Card3,500
5Convergence Frenzy4,250
6‘We did it team’ Spray5,000
7‘Dream Squad’ Spray5,750
810 Radianite Points6,500
9‘Tactisummer’ Card7,250
10Bubble Pop Judge8,000
11‘Bumble Brigade’ Card8,750
12‘Bumble Brigade’ Spray9,500
1310 Radianite Points10,250
14‘Bumble Brigade’ Buddy11,000
15Bumble Brigade Ares11,750
16Convergence Striker12,500
17‘Deadlock ID’ Card13,250
18‘Convergence’ Spray14,000
1910 Radianite Points14,750
20Bumble Brigade Judge15,500
21‘Ain’t My Time’ Spray16,250
2210 Radianite Points17,000
23‘Melondramatic’ Buddy17,750
24‘Guns on me’ Spray18,500
25Bubble Pop Vandal19,250
26‘Cover me’ Spray20,000
2710 Radianite Points20,750
28‘Let me out’ Spray21,500
29‘Bot Means Business’ Card22,250
30Convergence Marshall23,000
31‘Bubble Pop’ Card23,750
3210 Radianite Points24,500
33‘Bubble Pop’ Buddy25,250
34‘Bubble Pop’ Spray26,000
35Bubble Pop Guardian26,750
36‘Power of Five’ Spray27,500
37‘Chasing Clouds’ Buddy28,250
38‘Home Again Viper’ Card29,000
3910 Radianite Points29,750
40Bumble Brigade Bulldog30,500
4110 Radianite Points31,250
42‘Death’s Worst Enemies’ Card32,000
43‘Ultimate Shame’ Spray32,750
44‘Prowler Pop’ Spray33,500
45Convergence Phantom34,250
46‘Blinded Again’ Spray35,000
47‘Brimsicle’ Buddy35,750
48‘Lost and Found’ Card36,500
4910 Radianite Points37,250
50Bubble Pop Light Stick (Melee)38,000
Valorant EP 9 Act 1 Battle Pass weapon skins
There are three different weapon skin variants to collect.

Free Rewards

1‘Dream Bubble’ Card & ‘Supernova’ Title4,250
2‘EP9 // 1’ Coin Buddy8,000
310 Radianite Points & ‘Dream Team’ Title11,750
4‘Gotta One Tap’ Spray15,500
5‘Sonic Sensor Schema’ Card & 10 Radianite Points19,250
6‘Mini Espresso’ Buddy23,000
710 Radianite Points & ‘Skill Issue’ Title26,750
8‘That’s Terrifying’ Spray30,500
9‘Tanghulu’ Buddy34,250
10Bubble Pop Classic & ‘In Bloom’ Card38,000

Epilogue rewards

1‘Epilogue: Melondramatic’ Buddy36,500
210 Radianite Points36,500
310 Radianite Points36,500
410 Radianite Points36,500
5‘Epilogue: Bot Means Business’ Card36,500

Once you’ve completed all 50 Tiers of the Battle Pass, the Epilogue rewards will become available.

Premium Battle Pass price

The Battle Pass costs 1000 VP ($10/£9) and can be purchased through the in-game Battle Pass tab. Once purchased, you’ll receive a 3% XP booster that will help with the grind throughout the Act.

There’s a lot more than just a new Battle Pass in the latest Valorant Act, so make sure to check out our guides on the Abyss map and the fresh Agent changes.