How to romance Sam Coe in Starfield: Quest, likes & dislikes, marriage, more

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Sam Coe is one of the four Starfield companions that you can romance as well as marry. From his likes and dislikes to the commitment quest, here’s everything you need to know about how to romance Sam Coe in Starfield.

Starfield is a massive single-player game loaded with hundreds of hours of content and you cannot use co-op or multiplayer features to team up your friends in-game. As a result, the companions you stumble upon while exploring the open world are quite important if you want someone to join your adventure.

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Unlike the Adoring Fan and Vasco, the companions from Constellation have detailed backstories and you can romance them by acknowledging their likes and dislikes, completing quests, and flirting.

On that note, here’s how you can flirt with Sam Coe and eventually marry him.

Starfield: How to flirt with Sam Coe

The first step you’ll need to take in order to start flirting with Sam Coe in Starfield is assigning him as your active companion for every mission. This will give you the possibility to have much-needed one-on-one conversations that will let you eventually pick flirty dialogue options.

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The best way to warm Sam Coe’s heart is by asking about his daughter, his personal thoughts, and what he thinks it means to be the heir of the founding members of Akila City. However, don’t try getting on his good side by making a big deal about his last name and legacy since he desperately wants to make a name for himself.

Remember that Sam Coe is the epitome of a cowboy; he won’t mind making tough decisions that involve engaging in combat, as long as it means you’re doing it for a noble cause. Luckily for the players who want to romance him, Sam’s a pretty straightforward guy: he likes to explore, he loves his daughter more than anything in the universe, and loves his past as a Freestar Ranger.

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You can gain his approval by following these steps:

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  • Taking out pirates.
  • Joining the Freestar Rangers.
  • Looting parts from creatures’ carcasses.
  • Siding with him against Jacob.
  • Support his daughter.
  • Letting him talk when one of his dialogue options appears.

You’ll eventually unlock flirty dialogue options, which you should take every opportunity to employ if you want a romantic relationship with Sam Coe. After building enough trust, you’ll get the companion quest Matter of the Hart, which allows you to consolidate your relationship with him.

Matters of the Hart: Sam Coe’s commitment quest in Starfield

Sam Coe’s commitment quest in Starfield is pretty lengthy but full of adrenaline. He’ll tell you that Cora’s been worried about her mother, Lilian Hart, and asks you to accompany him to check on his ex-partner at the Ranger Outpost on Neon. At the end of this quest, you can choose to keep your romance going or stay as friends.

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Cora will ask Sam about his mother since she’s worried she might be in danger.

Here’s how to complete the Matters of Hart quest:

  1. After unlocking the mission by talking with Sam, you should go to Neon and find the Ranger Outpost.
  2. You’ll find a ranger called Jaylen, who will give you some clues about what Lilian Hart’s been working on. Search for more clues on her desk.
  3. You’ll find that she’s been working with a confidential informant, who you’ll need to find. However, you’ll be only able to find him dead.
  4. Inside the informant’s apartment, you can look for more information about Lilian. You’ll discover that she’s working a case with a dangerous Syndicate operative named Valerie Mosquera.
  5. Travel to Victor’s Compound to rescue Lilian Hart; Sam Coe will be able to track her down and pinpoint her location.
  6. Back in your ship, Lilian will ask for your help with her mission. You’ll need to get Valerie’s cache from the Dumas smuggling ship.
  7. After you get it, you’ll need to defeat Valerie and the Syndicate forces on Andromas III. After winning the battle, Lilian and Sam will discuss some pending problems between them.
  8. Once you finish the dialogue scene, you’ll need to go to Akila City and talk to Sam Coe. There you’ll be able to decide if you want to keep pursuing a romantic relationship with him, or just stay as friends.

How to marry Sam Coe in Starfield

You can marry Sam Coe in Starfield by raising your affinity with him and seeking the approval of your relationship from his family members in Akila City. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing the same:

  1. Complete the Matters of the Hart quest and increase Sam’s affinity.
  2. Head to the Cheyenne System in Akila City and meet Sam.
  3. Tell Sam that you love him.
  4. Speak to Sam and then talk to Cora Coe, his daughter, to get her approval of your relationship.
  5. After getting the daughter’s approval, speak to Sam again and choose the Commitment option.
  6. Complete the Commitment: Sam Coe quest by heading to Coe Estate in Akila City.
  7. Meet Jacob Coe and then roam around Akila City to find Cora Coe and Lilian Heart.
  8. After gathering all the attendees, interact with Sam Coe to begin the wedding.

Once you’re officially married to Sam Coe, you’ll get the Emotional Security status effect that grants 15% additional XP for a while after you wake up.

How to divorce Sam Coe in Starfield

Follow these steps to divorce Sam Coe in Starfield:

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  1. After your marriage, talk to Sam Coe and choose the How do you feel about our marriage? dialogue.
  2. Keep selecting dialogue options that talk about ending the marriage.
  3. Towards the end of the conversation, select the End Commitment option.

Do note that you cannot get back with Sam Coe in Starfield after a divorce. He’ll also be angry with you for hurting his daughter but once he calms down, you can still interact with him like a companion.

And there you go, that’s everything you need to romance Sam Coe in Starfield. If you want to know more about Bethesda’s latest RPG, you can check our guides below:

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