Who is the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

Adoring Fan NPC talking in Starfield.Bethesda

Many Starfield players have discovered a familiar NPC known as ‘Adoring Fan’ running up to them in New Atlantis. But those who haven’t played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion might not recognize him, so here’s everything to know about the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

Just like Diablo 4, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Legend of Zelda, Starfield is loaded with several NPCs, and players can interact with them to get a deeper understanding of the game’s universe.

While most NPCs are tied to side quests and filler story content, some like the Adoring Fan are purely for fun. Adoring Fan who first appeared in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion back in 2006, is now back in Starfield after almost two decades.

On that note, here’s everything you need to know about the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

Who is the Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan is a non-playable character in Starfield who constantly follows you around and praises you. Don’t be surprised to see him in the most unexpected locations and if you’re lucky enough, he might bring some gifts for you once in a while.

Adoring Fan NPC holding a flame in OblivionBethesda
The same voice actor has played the Adoring Fan in Oblivion and Starfield.

Who is the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

The Adoring Fan in Starfield is originally from Bethesda’s other hit RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The latter was released in 2006, and the Adoring Fan basically had the same role in it. He would follow players, hide during battles, and tirelessly admire them.

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Interestingly, the Adoring Fan respawned in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion even if he got killed during a battle. The NPC ended up becoming one of the most talked-about elements of the game, and Bethesda might have added him to Starfield as a small yet exciting Easter Egg for its long-time fans.

Players will be delighted to learn that the Adoring Fan is portrayed by none other than Craig Sechle, the original voice actor for the character.

How to unlock the Adoring Fan in Starfield

You can unlock the Adoring Fan in Starfield by selecting the Hero Worshipped Trait while building your character. This trait will make a yellow-haired human named Adoring Fan appear in New Atlantis.

He will run up to you and ask to join your crew which you can accept or decline. If you accept, he will follow you around and provide commentary, gifts, and some useful skills. 

Where to find the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

After you complete your first mission, you can find the Adoring Fan at the entrance of the New Atlantis Spaceport on planet Jemison, given you have the Hero Worshipped trait.

If you are unable to find the him in New Atlantis, try going to another planet and coming back.

How to kill the Adoring Fan in Starfield

If the Adoring Fan becomes too much to handle, you can kill him after you dismiss him as a companion. After that choose the dialogue option that says ‘We need to talk about your fandom’, and then either attack him, convince him that you are a killer, or end his crew status for good.

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You will be able to kill the Adoring Fan once you see a message that says he is ‘no longer essential.

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