Is Starfield on Steam Deck?

A character sitting in a spaceship in Starfield.Bethesda

Starfield is an Xbox exclusive and players around the world are exploring Bethesda’s massive space RPG. While there’s no doubt regarding the game’s availability on the Xbox Series X/S, here’s everything you need to know about playing Starfield on the Steam Deck.

2023 has been a massive year for games thanks to the release of Diablo 4, Resident Evil 4: Remake, Street Fighter 6, Hogwarts Legacy, and Armored Core 6. Almost all of the major releases this year were playable on the Steam Deck, which has naturally added to the handheld console’s popularity.

Starfield was next in line, and now that it has been released, it’s no surprise that players are curious to know if the Steam Deck can handle an expansive RPG game like it, owing to the fact that it has a ton of planets and a lengthy campaign.

Find out if you can play Starfield with the Steam Deck.

Can you play Starfield on Steam Deck?

Yes, you can play Starfield on Steam Deck. In fact, even players playing on the ROG Ally have access to it. However, the patch notes for the game have stated that performance may suffer if hardware below the recommended minimum specs is used, so make sure to look up the minimum requirements.

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With over 1000 planets and a ton of other content, Starfield’s file size comfortably sits at over 100 GB for PC and consoles and even the Xbox Series X won’t run it on 60 FPS.

Screengrab of a character on a cliff overlooking mountains in Starfield.Bethesda
Starfield offers over 1,000 different planets to explore, which can be taxing for the Steam Deck.

Similar issues might occur with the Steam Deck due to its custom AMD chip, Van Gogh. As a known bottleneck, the chip’s performance could be a hindrance.

While Starfield runs on the Steam Deck like other PC games, the experience may be marred for some players due to a 30 FPS limit and 720p resolution.

In light of all this, gamers might want to make the switch from consoles to PCs, which could be the only platform capable of offering the 60FPS experience that Starfield fans crave.

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