Will Starfield have DLC & story expansions?

Rajarshi Acharya
starfield major city - New Atlantis

Starfield’s massive world makes it one of the biggest Bethesda RPGs to ever release, but will this enormous scale be amplified further with post-launch DLC? Here’s everything we know about Starfield’s DLC and story expansions.

Bethesda’s upcoming space-themed RPG, Starfield, is finally out, and players are eager to dive into the game’s world to experience it for themselves. After the amount of content and features that Bethesda have promised for the game, this sort of excitement seems well-justified.

Since the game’s release, there has been speculation about whether it will receive features like downloadable content (DLC) or expansions. Every Fallout and Elder Scrolls title developed by Bethesda Games Studios has received DLC. Fallout 4 alone received six major expansions after its launch.

Here’s whether Starfield will receive post-release DLC or expansions, and what bonus DLC you’ll get for pre-ordering.

Will Starfield have DLC?

Yes, Bethesda have confirmed that Starfield will receive DLC following its release.

Bethesda director Todd Howard told IGN during Starfield Direct that the game will receive plenty of content after its release. This includes Starfield’s first story expansion pack — ‘Shattered Space.’ However, it should be noted that a release date for the DLC hasn’t been unveiled yet.

Starfield Space Combat
Starfield’s DLC promises even more content, which is sure to leave players content.

It seems that Bethesda plans to continue adding more content to the game, as Howard said, “So despite the size of the game, there’s still things we want to add as far as features in the future or stories and things like that. Hopefully it’s going to continue for a long time that way.”

To get access to the first story expansion, you have to pre-order the Premium or Constellation editions of the game. The standard edition does not grant access to it, but it will most likely be might be purchasable as an add-on at a later date.

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