Starfield: How to use Fast Travel

Starfield Fast TravelBethesda

Fast Travel is one of the most basic yet important features in Starfield. To help you travel across the thousands of planets in the game effortlessly, here’s how to Fast Travel in Starfield.

From Diablo 4 to Genshin Impact to Honkai Star Rail, Fast Travel has become a standard feature in games nowadays. Exploring everything on foot is entertaining, but a lot of times, it is easier to just press a button and reach the desired location.

It is no surprise that Starfield, a game where you discover star systems and planets, has Fast Travel. While you can always rely on your ship to take you to places, Fast Travel is a lot more quicker and convenient.

On that note, here’s how you can Fast Travel on planets and to other systems in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Fast Travel on a planet

If you want to Fast Travel to a planet in Starfield, you’ll need to select the map that’s shown in the upper-left section of the main menu. This will show the general points of interest on the planet you’re on, where you can simply select the landmark that you want to go to.

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starfield exploring spaceBethesda
Starfield procedurally generates planets and they can be different for everyone.

Remember that you won’t be able to Fast Travel if you’re encumbered or if you’re locked in combat.

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Starfield: How to Fast Travel to other star systems

Starfield offers another method of Fast Travel when heading to other star systems. To jump through different galaxies, you’ll need to open the map of the main menu and zoom out until you get the galaxy view.

This will get you directly to the waypoint you’ve already discovered from a specific star system, but won’t allow you to get to other systems you haven’t explored yet.

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