All Starfield Companions: Skills & background explained

VASCO, a Companion in StarfieldBethesda

Starfield has around 20 companions who will keep you company as you travel through the vast emptiness of space. We’ve compiled a list of all available Companions in Starfield, including those from Constellation and the crewmates.

Like most Bethesda RPGs, Starfield is a single-player experience meant to be enjoyed alone. The game doesn’t have a multiplayer or even a co-op mode. As such, you’re bound to feel lonely when traveling through a vast universe filled with 1000s of planets. Thankfully, Bethesda has alleviated that issue by adding Companions.

There is a wide variety of Companions in Starfield, each with their own distinct personalities and opinions. This ranges from the romanceable Constellation members to hirable crewmates and even a robot.

Having said that, let’s examine all Starfield Companions, their skills and backgrounds.

Barrett, a companion in StarfieldBethesda
Your Companions in Starfield specialize in different skills.

All Companions in Starfield

Starfield offers over 20 Companions to players, but not all of them are unique. Some of them are nameless mercenaries that you can hire for a fee. You can find the names and skills of all named Companions in the table below:

Starfield Companion nameSkillsBackgroundRecruitment feeRomanceable?
Sarah Morgan4 stars in Astrodynamics
3 stars in Lasers
2 stars in Leadership
1 star in Botany
She is the acting chair of Constellation who was formerly a soldier and adventurer. FreeYes
Sam Coe4 stars in Piloting
3 stars in Rifle Certification
2 stars in Payloads
1 star in Geology
Most likely a descendant of the Freestar family who owns the Coe Plaza in Akila City.FreeYes
Barrett4 stars in Starship Engineering
3 stars in Particle Beam Weapon Systems
2 stars in Robotics
1 star in Gastronomy
An experienced Constellation member. FreeYes
Andreja4 stars in Stealth
3 stars in Particle Beams
2 stars in Energy Weapon Systems
1 star in Theft
The newest Astronomer recruit in Constellation with a mysterious past. She hails from the farthest reaches of the Settled Systems.FreeYes
VASCO1 star in Aneutronic Fusion
1 star in Shield Systems
1 star in EM Weapon Systems
An expeditionary robot character that excels in traveling through rough terrain while carrying massive pieces of equipment. FreeNo
Marika Boros2 stars in Ballistics
1 star in Shotgun Certification
1 star in Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Marika is a weapons specialist whom you can hire from a spaceport called The Viewport.16,500 (8,250 with Persuasion)No
Heller3 stars in Outpost Engineering
1 star in Geology
He’s an Argos Extractors employee that you can hire during your journey. FreeNo
Adoring Fan2 stars in Weight Lifting
1 star in Concealment
1 star in Scavenging
This NPC is inspired by the Adoring Fan from Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion. FreeNo
Lin3 in Outpost Management
1 in Demolitions
Lin is your commanding officer at Argos Extractors when you start the game.FreeNo
Rafael Aguerro2 stars in Starship Engineering
1 star in Outpost Engineering
1 star in Outpost Management
Rafael is found in a late-game story mission.FreeNo
Moara Otero2 stars in EM Weapon Systems
2 stars in Marksmanship
You’ll meet Moara on Mars fairly early in the game.FreeNo
Mickey Caviar2 stars in Wellness
1 star in Gastronomy
1 star in Incapacitation
A cook working at the Astral Lounge in Neon.12,000 (9,000 with Persuasion)No
Rosie Tannehill3 stars in Wellness
1 star in Medicine
Rosie is a medic found in Hitching Post in Akila.16,500 (8,250 with Persuasion)No
Omari Hassan3 stars in Shield Systems
1 star in Starship Engineering
Omari can upgrade your shields and is an expensive companion.16,500 (8,250 with Persuasion)No
Gideon Aker2 stars in Ballistic Weapon Systems
2 stars in Missile Weapon Systems
Gideon is a Weapon Systems specialist who is also quite expensive.16,500 (8,250 with Persuasion)No
Simeon Bankowski2 stars in Sniper Certification
1 star in Sharpshooting
1 star in Marksmanship
Simeon is a weapons specialist, who, as you can see from his skills, is an expert marksman.13,500 (6,750 with Persuasion)No
Andromeda Kepler2 stars in Outpost Engineering
1 star in Piloting
1 star in Aneutronic Fusion
A budding writer and explorer who can be left to manage Outposts.15,000 (7,500 with Persuasion)No
Jessamine Griffin2 stars in Concealment
2 stars in Ballistics Weapon Systems
1 star in Theft
Jessamine is a Crimson Fleet pirate with stealth-based skills18,000 (9,000 with Persuasion)No
Sophia Grace3 stars in Stealth
1 star in Lasers
After Andreja, Sophia is the second-best companion for stealth.16,500 (8,250 with Persuasion)No
Dani Garcia2 stars in Robotics
1 star in Energy Weapon Systems
1 star in Chemistry
Dani is a researcher from Neon with a diverse set of skills.12,000 (6,000 with Persuasion)No

Starfield Companion system explained

Starfield has several named characters who can join you as a Companion or Crewmate. Four of these characters (Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Berret, and Andreja) belong to Constellation and they have the most detailed storylines.

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Here are some of the primary differences between Constellation Companions and Crewmates in Starfield:

  • You can romance Companions but not Crewmates.
  • Players can have major moments with their Companions that help in story and character development.

That was everything we know about the Companion system in Starfield so far. For more content on the game, check out:

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