How to customize ships in Starfield

Rajarshi Acharya
starfield player and ship on moon

One of the most exciting features of Starfield is that it lets you customize several aspects of your ship such as weapons, speed, cargo capacity, energy, and more. So here’s everything you need to know about how to customize your ships in Starfield and a list of the 14 major customizations available.

Starfield is an RPG set in space, and such a game wouldn’t be complete without ship customization. You’ll rely on your ship to travel across the vast universe of Starfield, fight, and trade cargo.

Your ship also defines your character and background. From bounty hunters to space traders, everyone needs a different ship based on their needs, and Bethesda made ship customization a large part of the gameplay.

Here’s everything to know about ship customization in Starfield.

Starfield ship customization explained

To customize your ships in Starfield, you’ll need to talk to a ship technician. Your ships are heavily customizable and the ship technician lets you buy and sell different ship parts as well as modifications to your existing components.

You don’t need to fly very far to find them since they are available on any of the game‘s spaceports. Given that the game has more than 1000 planets, this is something players will be thankful for. However, spaceports may not be limited to planets alone as you can also visit moons and space stations.

ship customization screen in starfield
Ships in Starfield seem to have extensive customization options.

All ship stats in Starfield

Starfield displays 14 pieces of crucial information about your ship on the ship customization screen. These are as follows:

  • BAL – Ballistic Weapons
  • LAS – Laser Weapons
  • MSL – Missile Weapons
  • Cargo – Cargo capacity
  • Shielded Cargo – Capacity for smuggled cargo
  • Crew – Capacity
  • Hull – Durability
  • Jump Range (Light Years) – Grav Jump distance
  • Fuel – Fuel capacity for Grav Jumps
  • Mass – Ship weight
  • Mobility – Maneuverability
  • Shield – Shield strength
  • Top Speed – Maximum speed
  • Reactor – Energy

That was everything to know about ship customization in Starfield. For more about the game, check out these other guides:

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