How to increase ship storage in Starfield

Rajarshi Acharya
a ship in starfield

In Starfield, you will need a lot of resources for upgrading your bases, suits, and ships as you advance in the game. To store these items without any trouble, you will need a lot of storage capacity. Here’s how to increase your ship’s storage in Starfield.

As you travel through the planets and star systems in Starfield, you will encounter a lot of loot. You can pick up items such as weapons, spacesuits, food items, and credits which makes managing your inventory a must.

Increasing your ship’s storage is a great tactic if you’re tired of seeing a full inventory time and again. Luckily, doing so is quite effortless thanks to technician NPCs and ship-customization mechanics.

On that note, here’s how to upgrade your ship storage space in Starfield.

How to upgrade ship storage in Starfield

starfield ship customization
You can add different modules to your ship.

To upgrade your ship storage in Starfield, speak with a Ship Technician at the landing pad of any major settlement. Request to view and modify your ship, and then go to the Ship Builder section. To access this, press B on PC or X on Xbox.

The Frontier, the first ship you receive when starting Starfield, has about 450 units of storage. It has a total cargo storage of 450 between its Ballast Cargo Hold at the bottom, and the cockpit, which is located at the front of the ship. While this should suffice for the first few hours, you’ll want to upgrade it soon as it is bound to fill up when you explore multiple planets. Here’s what you should do to accomplish this:

The ship customization in this game is quite modular and gives you a lot of options. To add more storage space in Starfield, you must either replace existing modules or extend your ship with additional cargo sections. If you want to add more slots to the Frontier, you can extend the ship by adding another habitat module and expanding around it. The modules you need to look out for are:

  • Cockpit Modules – You can usually add 200-260 pounds of cargo with these, but you can only install one cockpit per ship.
  • Cargo Modules – Each cargo hold in Starfield adds around 210-320 storage space to your ship. While you can add multiple of these modules, they will increase your ship’s weight. This in turn makes you travel and maneuver much slower.

That wraps up everything to know about adding storage space to your ships in Starfield. To read more about the game, check these out:

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