How to earn Credits fast in Starfield: Best money farming methods

Stephanie Zucarelli
Starfield city

To survive in Starfield, you will need Credits for everything in the galaxy. Since the game does not throw money at you right away, here’s how to earn Credits fast in Starfield.

From Primogems in Genshin Impact to Koins in Mortal Kombat, most games regardless of their genre have a unique currency. Starfield is no exception and the currency you’ll need the most to progress in the game is Credits.

Credits are the primary currency in Starfield, and you’ll need them to purchase ships, parts, upgrades, spacesuits, and whatnot. Unless you’re using cheats, getting Credits in Starfield can be a lengthy process that requires you to loot items, visit vendors, complete missions, and a lot more.

To help you become rich quickly, we’ve compiled the best ways to get Credits fast in Starfield.

How to get rich quick in Starfield

Commercial Skill menu in Starfield
Each Commerce Rank will grant you more benefits when you’re trading with vendors.

Some tricks could get you extra Credits while traveling around the vast universe of Starfield. Here’s what you should focus on to gain Credits fast:

Unlock the Commerce skill in Starfield

Once you’ve packed your Starfield inventory with items you looted and brought them to a merchant, your aim is to secure the best-selling prices. This is where the Commerce skill becomes crucial.

Even with just a single point invested in this skill, you can purchase items at a 5% discount and sell them for a 10% markup. As you progress and improve this skill, your savings, and profits will increase, reaching a maximum of a 20% discount on purchases and a 25% premium on sales.

To avoid wasting time, we also suggest selling your most recent items to vendors instead of dumping them all at once.

Rank up your Scavenging skill

Ranking up your Negotiation and Scavenging can also be crucial for getting a good amount of Credits in Starfield. Your Scavenging skill increases the number of items you can find in containers and also increases the rarity of those objects at a higher skill level.

Sell any extra ship you don’t want

If you happen to buy or steal a ship that you don’t want as a part of your fleet, you can speak to a Ship Technician and sell it when he’s showing what ships are available to purchase. In order to do so, you’ll need to register your vessel first, which can set you back a bit before making a profit.

You could also leave your extra ship docked and sell all its non-essential components during Starfield ship customization.

Complete faction missions in Starfield

Completing the main campaign in Starfield and the core missions for your favorite faction can pay really well. Please note that these missions are different from the side quests that you could find on bounty boards.

Loot everything you can and pickpocket NPCs

Like many other RPGs, Starfield offers plenty of options to loot. You can look for items when defeating enemies and even looting common items such as mugs. You can also unlock your Pickpocket Skill, which will let you steal from unsuspecting NPCs.

Raid ships to steal cargo

While engaging in space combat, you can target an enemy ship’s engines to immobilize it. Once it’s at a standstill, you’ll be able to board it and kill every passenger. You can then steal its cargo and loot everything on sight, but keep in mind that every material that you get this way will be flagged as Contraband and will show up on scans when landing on colonized planets.

If raiding ships is how you decide to farm Credits in Starfield, we recommend having some Shielded Cargo ready as it will allow you to take the Contraband safely to a trade authority.

Starfield exploration
There are lots of valuables inside rogue ships, but be careful when trading its cargo.

Create manufacturing outposts

If you have the resources needed, you can set up bases on the planet you usually visit. There, you can create a manufacturing outpost where robots make valuables. Instead of using them to upgrade your equipment, you can gather them and sell them to a vendor.

Sell survey data in Starfield

As you explore each of the 1000 planets Starfield has to offer, you’ll be able to scan their lifeforms and plants. When you complete the scanning checklists, you’ll be rewarded with survey data specific to every planet. You can sell these documents to Constellation, which will pay a minimum of 1000 Credits for each of them.

Change the difficulty settings

You can change the difficulty settings in Starfield to get the best rewards before returning to your main campaign. You can turn your difficulty level to very hard, enter the location you want to farm, and then lower the difficulty in your settings menu. This way, the level will load with high-difficulty rewards, but the enemies will be easier to beat and will drop high-value loot.

How to use Console commands for getting money in Starfield

If you’re feeling impatient, and you want to get a load of Credits without any effort, you can try using console commands (which may also be considered cheating) to get them. Follow these steps to get Credits fast in Starfield:

  1. Open the Starfield Console Commands with (~) key.
  2. Enter the following command: player.additem 0000000f
  3. Then enter the amount of Credits you want. If you want a million Credits, your command should look like this: player.additem 0000000f 1000000.
Starfield Command Console
You can see Starfield’s Console Command in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Keep in mind that console commands and cheats will disable achievements.

How to farm money fast in Starfield

If you’re feeling in the mood to explore unknown locations to farm Credits fast in Starfield, you should follow these steps.

  1. Go farming only with essentials on you. This means that you should make your equipment as light and as effective as you can, so you won’t become encumbered while you’re farming items to sell.
  2. Try exploring remote planets, without major cities nearby. They are the best to find rare items and unexplored locations.
  3. Use your Scanner on everything and try to find Structures nearby. Head to that structure and kill every enemy you need to in order to raid the whole location.
  4. Take everything you can as in most of Bethesda’s RPGs, you’ll be able to collect almost any item in sight.
  5. Sell everything you have in your Inventory. Remember that vendors have a limited amount of money, but if you wait 24 hours, they will refresh the amount of money they are willing to spend.

That covers how to get Credits fast in Starfield. If you wish to learn more about the game, check these out:

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