Starfield brings back popular character creation feature & fans are delighted

Stephanie Zucarelli
Starfield custom character

Starfield’s character creation system offers quite a few options to create unique protagonists. However, fans discovered a key detail that is a huge help for those who like to alter their characters in the middle of their journey.

As Bethesda is preparing for the official launch of Starfield, and its 1,000 planets star systems, fans discovered an important feature that helps them get into the role-playing aspect of the game. Starfield’s community recognized that this option could even help with the problem of spending hours in the character creation menu, and are eager to see how it plays out.

Reddit user MarcusSwedishGamedev pointed out the feature, and players began praising Bethesda for including this helpful notification when first changing “Biometric customizations” (as they’re called in-game). This detail makes fans aware that they’ll be able to modify their character’s appearance throughout the game, which is pretty helpful for users who like to modify their characters when role-playing.

Players praise Starfield’s character customization system

“If they tell you right in the beginning that you can change your looks later, then it’s much easier to just spend some time doing a basic setup, hop into the game and play ASAP and enjoy the game, then fiddle with the character later,” explained a Reddit user named MarcusSwedishGameDev. “Starfield is not the first game to do this, but it’s not like it’s a standard in game dev either.”

Some Starfield fans even went so far as to say that letting players know that they can change their character’s aspect should be a standard for the industry since most of the customizable options tend to look different once in-game.

“The amount of times I’ve created a new character after just spending a bunch time getting my first one looking exactly how I want them, only to get in the game and the lighting makes my character look nothing like they did in the creator,” commented Reddit user DBloedel.

This character creation feature is usually included by Bethesda and has already been seen in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Skyrim.

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