How to decorate ships in Starfield

Nathan Warby
Ship taking off in Starfield

The Starfield 1.11.33 update finally lets players decorate the interior of their ships and bring some added personality to their journey across the galaxy. Here’s how to customize your ship in Starfield.

Starfield was comfortably Bethesda’s biggest project to date when it launched back in 2023, featuring over 1,000 planets to discover and deep systems like Outposts, shipbuilding, and more. But, there were still plenty of features missing that fans have been calling for, such as the ability to customize the inside of their ships.

Now, the 1.11.33 update has finally brought the mechanic to the game, so here’s how to decorate ship interiors in Starfield.

How to decorate inside ship in Starfield

You start changing the inside of your ship in Starfield by bringing up the Scanner and selecting the ‘Decorate’ option. Alternatively, there is now a button located within your cockpit that can be selected to start customizing, but its location will vary depending on the design of your ship.

Either of these methods takes you into build mode, which works the same as Outpost building. From here, you can start to build items using crafting resources, rather than the Credits for regular shipbuilding.

These can then be freely moved and placed around each room, so you can give each area a unique vibe. However, it’s worth noting that although the selection of decorations is pretty extensive, not all items found in Outposts have made their way over, likely due to the tighter spaces.

White cockpit in Starfield
The decorate button can be found in the cockpit of your ship.

Best way to decorate ships in Starfield

The best way to get started in decorating your Starfield ship is by using the new empty Habs. While you can decorate any existing rooms on any of the ships you own, these provide a blank slate to customize from scratch.

These blank Habs can be purchased from any Ship Services Station at the various ports across the galaxy. They have been added as new variants of existing Habs, so head to your preferred design and cycle through until you reach the empty option.

While some of these are marked as specific rooms, such as an Armory, they come with no furnishings so you have all the freedom to transform into anything you want.

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