How to steal ships in Starfield

How to steal a ship in StarfieldBethesda

Starfield players cannot progress efficiently without a powerful ship that can take them to various planets and star systems. If you’re running out of Credits to purchase the best ships in the game, here’s how to steal ships in Starfield.

Ships are one of the most important parts of Starfield which explains why the developers have added a detailed ship-customization system and the map is loaded with vendors that trade ships and ship parts.

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Considering their importance, it is no surprise that upgrading your ship or buying a new one costs a fortune. While there are many ways to get Credits, the currency has several other uses and you might want to steal a ship instead of buying one to manage your finances.

On that note, here’s how to get a ship without buying it in Starfield, or simply, how to steal a ship.

Starfield: How to get a ship without buying it

The easiest way to steal a ship in Starfield is to wait for somebody to leave theirs neglected while they go to explore an alien planet. To steal those ships, you can simply board them, kill their crew, and take off to another galaxy.

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Docked ship in StarfieldBethesda
You’ll be able to hear spaceships from afar before they land on the same planet you’re exploring.

Keep in mind that there are some ships that you won’t be able to pilot unless you have the proper skills. You can completely unlock your Piloting Skill by spending four skill points that you’ll get after destroying 30 ships.

You can also try finding ships while traveling through star systems and disabling them in combat. Use targeted lock-ons to take out its engines without destroying them and then board on them. After doing that, follow these steps:

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  1. Clear the ship of NPCs.
  2. Go to the cockpit and interact with the pilot seat.
  3. Undock from your previous ship and take it to a spaceport. The ship you left behind will be added to your fleet.

If you want to modify, upgrade, or sell your new ship, remember that you’ll need to register it with the spaceport technician. Remember to also check the cargo hold of your new vessels, where you can discover credits, ammo, mission quests, and other valuable items.

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