How to level up fast in Starfield: Best XP farming methods

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield character in space shipBethesda

Many have claimed that Starfield is one of the biggest releases this year. However, it seems that leveling up in the game is not as straightforward as previous Bethesda titles. Here are the best XP farming methods in Starfield.

Leveling up in Skyrim, one of the biggest Bethesda RPGs of all time was pretty linear and easy to grasp. However, Starfield offers a plethora of choices and leveling opportunities in the huge open world. It might get a bit overwhelming at first when you log into the game. Luckily, as you progress further, XP farming becomes much easier with various options to utilize.

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Gaining a fair amount of XP before progressing too much into the story is always better than being under-leveled. Additionally, you get to enjoy better gear, stats, skills, and much more as you level up in Starfield. Therefore, it is important to learn how to effectively farm XP without wasting much time in the game.

Here’s how to level up fast in Starfield quite easily.

Level up fast in Starfield

Starfield character walks on a planetBethesda
Exploring planets is a great way to level up.

As mentioned earlier, leveling up in Starfield is not as straightforward as other Bethesda titles. You can do this in various ways such as sleeping, completing activities, quests, and more. However, keep in mind that the game is pretty rewarding if you love exploring. The developers have mentioned numerous times that this is a great game for explorers, as you can traverse through the beautiful void of Space.

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While exploring you will come to various XP-gaining opportunities as you fight enemies, complete various quests, clear missions, and much more. However, there are some great methods to farm XP quite easily.

Starfield: How to farm XP

Here are some of the best ways to farm XP in Starfield:

  • Sleeping
  • Completing missions (main story and side)
  • Defeating enemies
  • Exploring planets and galaxies
  • Joining factions and completing their missions

Each Point of Interest that you discover while exploring grants you some XP which is great for explorers. When you combine this with fighting all the enemies and ships that you encounter while exploring, you get some pretty great results as far as XP farming is concerned.

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Leveling up by joining factions, completing missions, and interacting with various NPCs to get their side-quests too can be a great way to earn some valuable XP. Additionally, if you sleep, you get a well-rested buff that grants you a bonus of 10% XP, which will be extremely useful for XP farming.

Once you have started following this pattern, you will be leveling up faster than ever in Starfield.

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