Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shares simple trick to find “barely noticeable” shiny Duraludon in DLC

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc shiny duraludon encounter

A keen-eyed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainer has spotted a foolproof detail about shiny Duraludon that can help shiny hunters clearly distinguish it from a regular one, regardless of the game’s lighting and weather.

The Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has several exciting things to do in its Terarium such as the newly introduced Synchro Machine feature, challenging BB Elite Four battles, and catching new Pokemon, among other thrilling tasks.

Additionally, one of the major activities to do in Blueberry Academy is shiny hunting, and needless to say, players grind the game day and night to get the shiny versions of never-before-seen Pokemon.

Among the new crop of species, shiny Archaludon is highly sought-after and to add this Steel/Dragon-type to their collection, trainers would first need to catch Duraludon in the Polar Biome.

But this is easier said than done as shiny Duraludon looks more or less the same as the regular version, giving the community a hard time during their shiny hunting adventures.

Now, a clever trainer has come across a detail on Duraludon that would help anyone tell a shiny apart without any effort!

Reddit user ‘tjkun’ shared a video showing the player hunting for a shiny Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC and stated: “If you’re hunting for Shiny Duraludon, look at the top of its head.”

Adding more context, the OP wrote: “The regular lighter has a red thing on top of its head. The shiny one doesn’t have red color, and it’s all chrome instead. There’s also the details in its hands which are dark blue instead of black, but I find it quicker to look for ‘not red’.”

Impressed with the OP’s observation, users commented: “Very true. Sadly the lighting sucks and nonshiny can look shiny and shiny can look nonshiny. Top of the head is your best bet” as well as “It’s hard to tell if you’re hunting him in the tundra area. There’s a lot of glare. Top of head is the best way until you get very close.”

Others added how finding the “barely noticeable” shiny Duraludon was now simpler: “Incredible how some shinys seems harder to know when they are shinys… And then, just seeing one little detail like this, it gets super easy.”

pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc shiny duraludon evolution shiny archaludon
Luckily for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans, shiny Archaludon is easy to identify.

The OP’s tip is so reliable, as evident from a trainer’s experience during the Dragon-type Mass Outbreak of Duraludon in Blueberry Academy. “This was my strategy too! Caught one in my second or third outbreak yesterday with no sandwiches involved. Was even a good nature with a mark!” the player shared.

In fact, a fan elaborated that “with the red thing you can tell them apart even from the back.”

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