Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players share simple tips to catch “frustrating” DLC shiny

Niladri Sarkar
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Catching shiny Minior in the Indigo Disk DLC is a nightmare for most Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. But that may be a thing of the past now as a few fans have highlighted some quick tips to bag this rare shiny Pokemon easily.

The Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features several returning Pokemon as well as exciting new additions to the game such as Hydrapple, Archaludon, and more Paradox species.

With so many Pokemon to capture, trainers look forward to shiny hunting all of them in the Blueberry Academy.

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That said, some shinies are extremely difficult to catch as they have ‘self-destruct’ moves that make them faint before you even get the chance to throw a Poke Ball at them.

One such popular species is the Meteor Pokemon Minior. Fans are having a hard time getting shiny Minior in the DLC but now, they can get the job done without any problem, thanks to some tips shared by a few Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers.

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When Reddit user ‘General_Secura92’ made a post captioned with: “Shiny-hunting Minior is officially the worst thing ever” and gave different reasons that make it “frustrating” to get, it sparked comments from several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers who shared various suggestions on catching the elusive shiny in the DLC.

“The tips that helped me the most in shiny hunting Minior was to make an isolated sparkle encounter title power sandwich in Chargestone Cavern. They will be the only spawn if you make a rock OR a flying sandwich,” a user mentioned. “Also, bring a Pokémon with the ability damp!! (A good example is Golduck) it will prevent any explosion moves!”

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To this “good advice,” a player replied: “I would also make the Damp Pokemon Tera Ghost to prevent Minior suffering recoil damage from Double Edge.”

For those who don’t have a Pokemon with the Damp ability, they can take a cue from another comment: “Another good method is Super Fang, or Endeavor if you can’t get both Damp as an Ability and Super Fang as a move, instead of False Swipe when it specifically comes to shiny hunting Minior.”

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Other good options are “Drifblim with Imprison and Explosion” as well as “Ghost Tera Smeargle with False Swipe, Spore, Imprison, and Explosion.”

Another helpful pointer was grinding mass outbreaks of Minior, as one trainer mentioned: “I found an outbreak, autobattled 60 then saved. Sandwich, autobattled until finding shiny, catch.”

Minior is a highly sought-after Pokemon in the Indigo Disk DLC and these strategies would certainly help players get their hands on its shiny version quickly.

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