Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player defies odds to catch back-to-back rare shinies in most “tense” situation

Niladri Sarkar
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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player stumbled upon two rare shiny Iron Valiant at once and then almost missed them in a “nerve-wracking” experience at a place where fans wouldn’t dare to go during their shiny hunt.

The addition of Teal Mask DLC to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has proved to be a blessing in disguise to shiny hunters as they are now more likely to find these rare Pokemon.

Some lucky fans have even encountered multiple shinies on their first try after the DLC update. That said, shiny encounters are still extremely rare, and catching them can be quite a challenge, as one player found out in a way that they will never forget.

Reddit user ‘OpaquePizza’ shared a video that showed the player hunting for the shiny version of the mysterious Fairy/Fighting-type Paradox species Iron Valiant in Pokemon Violet.

Standing on the top of a huge Tera Crystal, the OP’s Miraidon took a leap to get on a cliff hosting a mass outbreak of Iron Valiant, only to miss and slide down the side of the cliff.

The OP then spotted two shiny Iron Valiant but almost lost them as Miraidon struggled to hold on. Luckily, the Legendary Pokemon got a grip and the player managed to bag the two shinies back-to-back in a near-miss situation.

Everyone marveled at the player’s luck in the comments as one user wrote: “Wooow…you can really FEEL the desperation in any move. This is so tense kinda hahaha. Good you got them both.”

Many were curious how encountering species was even possible in such a strange spot. “Just used a lv3 Fairy encounter+title+sparkling Sandwich and they were the only thing that spawned,” the OP replied and added that it was in “the bottom of Area Zero.”

pokemon scarlet and violet area zero main cave image
Keep a lookout for shiny encounters in the walls of Area Zero.

Another player mentioned, “You can farm on this spot because the regular Pokemon naturally despawn, while shinies don’t despawn.”

Those playing Pokemon Scarlet are likely to find the Dragon/Dark-type Roaring Moon in place of Iron Valiant in Area Zero but a comment stated that “if you use either a Dragon or Dark Sandwich, Deino will also spawn.”

You should note that Area Zero is the only place in the Paldea region to find all Paradox Pokemon but you can also find other species such as Deino, Gible, and Glimmora among others.

If you’re planning a trip to hunt for rare shinies, check out the shiny Sandwich recipes and all new species available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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