Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced simple grinding trick boosts shiny chances

Niladri Sarkar
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A few Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players may have discovered a trick to find more shinies around Paldea and Kitakami Island, as others shared their shiny hunting experiences highlighting how it worked for them.

Shiny hunting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involves players grinding throughout the Paldea and Kitakami regions, as they leave no stone unturned to search for these rare Pokemon.

After the Teal Mask DLC updated mass outbreaks and made shiny hunting better than ever, players have been coming across these prized species in unexpected locations and situations, while also finding back-to-back shiny Pokemon.

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That said, there’s never been a technique to find shinies easily and even though sandwiches and Herba Mystica boost shiny rates, they’re only a temporary feature. But now, shiny hunting may change forever as some fans seem to have discovered a trick to unlock more shinies in the game.

Reddit user ‘TheDreamLightDude’ posted a video where they encountered a shiny Sentret in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC, and captioned it with: “This is why I love these games. Was farming items and only just noticed!”

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The post led to several comments with players lauding the shiny hunting experience and gushing about shiny Sentret’s cuteness. But an unexpected discussion sparked in a comment thread when a fan highlighted something previously unheard of.

“I’ve noticed the more you travel across the map, the more likely you are to run into a full odds/ charm only odds shiny. Probably has something to do with loading tons of overworld sprites I guess, idk, but I’ve always had good luck just by traveling long distances around the map,” a user explained.

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A player replied: “Interesting. That’s usually how I find the random ones,” while another wrote: “Found 3 while going around Paldea hatching Eggs.”

Fans should note that finding random/full-odds shinies is extremely difficult as their encounter rates are not boosted by items such as sandwiches. It looks like this ‘long-distance grinding’ trick struck a chord with other players as well.

pokemon scarlet and violet shiny bagon spawnThe Pokemon Company
You should know that shinies can also be found in the walls of caves.

One trainer wrote that they got “4 full boxes of shiny Pokemon in just 3 days” entirely through “slow walking around the (Kitakami) map picking up items,” as another user mentioned: “That’s exactly when I started figuring it out too. So many items around Kitikami I started noticing how I kept running into shinies. It’s great lol.”

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It certainly looks like these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers may be on to something as many of them seem to have caught more shinies by grinding long distances in the game.

As you explore the Paldea and Kitakami regions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check out every new Pokemon as well as all the new items that you can farm in your adventure.

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