Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced they’ve discovered secret behind early shinies

Niladri Sarkar
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Many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans have uncovered a common shiny trend among players beginning their Paldean journey, making them believe there’s a simple trick to grab some popular shinies quickly.

Finding shinies is a priority in any Pokemon game, and with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet making shiny hunting bigger and better than ever, players are constantly on the lookout for these rare species.

While encountering even one shiny can take ages, a few fans may have discovered a simple way to get a shiny early on in their journey through the Paldea region.

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It all started when a Reddit user named ‘ZYKON617’ shared a post that showed a shiny Psyduck in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and wrote: “Bruh literally just got the game and been playing for around an hour and the second Psyduck I see is this.”

The post caused quite a stir among players who jumped into the comments section to share similar experiences.

Users wrote: “My best friend got Scarlet and got both a shiny Lechonk and shiny Psyduck in like, the first 5 hours of playing” and “I got a shiny Psyduck in a similar way!”

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After a player commented: “Welcome to the ‘I found a shiny water type within the first hour of playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’ club. We now have 2 members,” another replied: “This has to be a thing! I caught a Psyduck at the same time as my husband caught Azurill!”

If these instances weren’t enough already, more chimed in with how quickly they managed to get a shiny Psyduck, and sometimes Lechonk, in no time. “Same! Psyduck found on my first hour of exploring!” a trainer mentioned, as the OP added: “I’m not actively hunting them yet I’ve got two shiny Psyduck.”

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A player highlighted that this trend might be a legitimate thing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as they commented: “I feel like everyone was spooned 1 shiny. Myself and several friends have all found 1 shiny before beating the game and it just feels a little sus. Not mad about it, just an observation!”

With so many accounts of shiny Psyduck and Lechonk, in some cases, being the first shiny encountered barely an hour into the game, it looks like players have a massive chance to grab themselves the popular shiny adored for its blue color.

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