Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC players share simple trick to get loads of shiny mons

Joaquín Frere
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Those looking for the rare shiny versions of their favorite Pokemon must rejoice, as these players found the “Count to 16” method that ensures a shiny spawn for certain Pokemon species in the Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Catching shiny Pokemon is surely one of the hardest feats a trainer has to overcome, but at some point, every player gets their chance. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC introduced many new and returning creatures, including their shiny versions.

Players are all about exploiting the game and finding better ways to catch these sought-after Pokemon with different colors. One Pokemon content creator shared a new method from Reddit, and it seems to be related to “how shiny Pokemon work in Scarlet and Violet ever since it was released.”

SBCoop took this to X (formerly Twitter), as a Reddit user might’ve found the “Count to 16” method to shiny hunt certain species. The content creator shared with his X community the original Reddit post and explained how this simple trick works.

Certain Pokemon species have static spawns in some areas of the Scarlet and Violet DLC, meaning that they will always spawn in that area besides what other species appear.

The “Count to 16” method involves another shiny hunt trick called the “Picnic Reset,” which involves creating a specific shiny sandwich for the desired shiny Pokemon’s type, and resetting spawns by starting picnics in the 30-minute length of the sandwich’s effect.

Here’s how the “Count to 16” method works in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, according to SBCoop’s X post:

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: Shiny hunting simple trick

To easily capture shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, or any of its areas, players should follow the steps mentioned in SBCoop’s post:

  1. Find a specific area where the game only spawns the Pokemon you are looking for.
  2. Create and eat a Shiny sandwich of the same type as the Pokemon you are looking for.
  3. Create a Picnic and quickly end it, as this will trigger the effects of the Picnic Reset method to make Pokemon spawn again.
  4. Count the amount of Pokemon that spawned in the designated area. If you count 15, reset spawns with a Picnic.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you count 16 creatures around the area. If this happens, the 16th Pokemon is going to be a shiny creature.
  6. Save before capturing it, as any mistakes like an auto-battle or an accidental faint can de-spawn the forced shiny Pokemon.

Some users have reported under SBCoop’s discovery on X that they even found 17 Pokemon, with a lucky streak of spawning two shinies instead of one. This last part hasn’t been tested yet, according to the Pokemon content creator, but you might as well try it out for yourself.

Youtuber PanFro Games also picked up the trail on this new shiny hunt method, and explained in a video how this can be easily applied to all Starter Pokemon spawns in The Indigo Disk DLC:

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