Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player faces impossible shiny choice

Lucas Simons
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A Pokemon trainer faced a difficult choice while hunting for shinies in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and shared this stressful moment with the community.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is one of the biggest releases by Game Freak so far. With millions of copies sold and a two-part DLC already up and running, the game is enjoying its success while the company prepares for the next iteration of the franchise.

Shiny Hunting can be stressful, even for veteran players, as things can go south really fast. With so many species knowing self-damaging (or auto-destruction) moves, it can get quite tricky to get a prized shiny Pokemon before it’s too late.

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Even more so if the spawns only last for seconds or can easily de-spawn when you are too far away. That’s why this Pokemon trainer had to make a hard choice between two prized shiny species and showed the community what it is like to have so much luck that it troubles you.

This was posted in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reddit by user ‘Gaias_Minion,’ who showcased the results of their shiny hunt where they encountered a shiny Littleo, only to be ‘sandwiched’ by a shiny Vibrava seconds after.

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The community quickly asked: “But did you end up getting both is the real question?” And another concerned Pokemon fan said: “What are the odds, right? Hope you got them both without any nasty surprise.”

Indeed, some of these cases can be heartbreaking. Even when encountering a shiny Pokemon, things can go wrong fast, like the sad case where a member of the community found a shiny Pawmy, only to discover this Pokemon had no plans to be captured alive.

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Or this case, where the trainer saw a shiny Pokemon in the background while fighting another one, and ran from the battle to pursue it, only to witness the rare shiny disappear before their eyes.

If you are about to go on a shiny hunt yourself, be prepared and grab a Shiny Sandwich, and don’t forget about the new Mass Outbreak events, which are a good chance to find shiny Pokemon. Good luck, trainers!

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