Pokemon Go players want simple solution to prevent Legendary catch fails

Lucas Simons
Lastias & Latios Pokemon Go

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than missing a good chance, and for Pokemon Go players missing hundo species, it’s all the more dramatic. Here’s what the community proposes to prevent more Legendary catch fails in the game.

For Pokemon Go players, catching the rarest and strongest species is key to progress with PvP or PvE activities. Raids are a good way to stock up on rare Legendary Pokemon, which are often seen as the strongest of the bunch. Even so, it is hard for these Pokemon to be perfect, also known as hundos.

Hundos are some of the most sought-after creatures in the whole game, and even though players can tell if a Pokemon has perfect IVs by looking at its CP on a chart, the reality of playing Pokemon Go is that you don’t always have another screen to constantly check game statistics.

Thus, many players notice too late that they are in the presence of a hundo, and save their resources like Master Balls to secure rare Pokemon they haven’t caught yet, like the Galarian Birds. In the case below, after a successful Raid, the player in question didn’t notice that the Legendary was a Hundo until it was too late.

This was posted on the Pokemon Go Reddit community by user ‘Innstakev,’ who shared how they managed to miss a perfect Latias after a successful raid, all because they didn’t know it was perfect until it was too late.

The OP also explained that they had the Master Ball ready, but weren’t sure about its stats being 100%, so they tried to catch it the old-fashioned way, with Gold Rasp Berries and Honor Balls.

This issue is a recurrent one since many players have missed perfect Pokemon before. If there were solid statistics about how many hundos Pokemon Go players miss per day, the results would be astronomical.

One of the players commenting on the post proposed a simple solution for this problem: “Hundo Pokemon should be like Shiny, 100% catch rate, or at least over 60 %.” And then another one added: “Or at least, make the game tell you it’s a hundo, so you can decide if spend the Master Ball or not.”

In the unlikely case that Niantic decide to include an “encounter appraisal” feature, this would mean a considerable increase in the QoL for the game. We will let you know all about upcoming game changes as they come our way.

In the meantime, you should check out our Spotlight Hour schedule, to be ready to catch ’em all next time. Also, here’s all you should know about the upcoming Hisuian Decidueye Raid Day.

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