Pokemon Go player devastated as first ever hundo catch is an “imposter”

Lucas Simons
Imposter Ditto

Catching a Perfect IV specimen in Pokemon Go is a trainer’s deepest desire. But what happens when the first hundo you catch, is not what you bargained for?

Pokemon Go is preparing to roll out a series of changes with the upcoming season Timeless Travels, and while trainers prepare to receive the new content drops, they are also managing some last-minute great catches.

But every Pokemon Go player desires to find hundos, or Perfect IV Pokemon, which are specimens that hold the top stats available for their type, and are considered the best of the best.

The chances to find a hundo Pokemon in the wild are pretty low (1 ever 10000 Pokemon) and the only way to know if a Pokemon has Perfect IVs beforehand is to consult a CP chart. So, catching a hundo is worth celebrating, even when the Perfect Pokemon you catch, is, in fact, the Imposter Pokemon, Ditto.

This happened to Reddit user ‘Ciniter,’ who shared a post on the Pokemon Go community subreddit and claimed: “Just caught my first ever perfect Pokemon and it was a Ditto.” The OP also asked the community: “Just wanted to share my catch. How lucky is this?”

A couple of trainers answered back: “I would say pretty g*ddamned rare. Not sure how useful but still super cool.” And another one added: “You have a rare imposter there!”

Then, another Pokemon Go player also stated an important fact about this capture: “It’s one of the more difficult hundos to catch since the Pokemon disguised as it needs to be hundo CP, and only a selection of mons can be Ditto atm.”

Certainly, the fact that a Hundo Ditto only appears first as another Hundo Pokemon adds an extra layer of difficulty for trainers looking to find a Perfect Ditto.

But not every trainer thinks this hundo is totally useless, as one of them gave the OP an interesting idea: “If you play the mainline games it’s worth transferring that to Home to use for breeding. It’s going to have at least 5 perfect IVs.”

If you happen to be on the lookout for Ditto yourself, you can check all current Ditto disguises here. And if you are wondering about the upcoming content coming ahead, this Hisuian Samurott raid guide can help you.

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