Pokemon Go players warn against transferring catches without appraising

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go players mistakes

A group of Pokemon Go players have gathered to share their worst mistakes “they made before knowing better,” and shared their ups and downs with the community.

Pokemon Go players are always sharing stories about successful catches and shundo Pokemon they happen to come by. But far from successful, stories about trainers who learned their lesson are a cautionary tale for all new players trying the game for the first time.

A group of players revealed the worst mistake they made before knowing the how-tos of critical game mechanics and also shared some useful advice for novice trainers.

Here’s what a trainer called ‘tog620’ shared in the Pokemon Go subreddit, and what other trainers said about their own mistakes and how to avoid them.

The OP stated: “What’s the worst mistake you have made before you knew better?” And then added: “Here is mine. At least he’s cheaper to level.” The image showcases a hundo Shadow Mewtwo that was purified, eliminating its advantage, all because the player didn’t know better then.

Another Pokemon Go player also confessed: “For 3 years I kept only the highest CP mon and sent the rest to the grinder without ever appraising them.”

To what a newbie player responded: “I just started playing in November and this is exactly what I was doing too. I just assumed the appraisal would mimic the CP. I cringe at the thought of perfect Pokémon I probably trashed”

So there you have it, next time you have a Shadow Pokemon, check its Ivs before you purify it, you might have a PvP-primed species in your pocket.

For more Pokemon Go, here’s the schedule for Spotlight Hours and the current Raid schedule, so you can catch ’em all with ease.

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