Pokemon Go players stunned by one-in-a-million Legendary trade

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go legendary armored mewtwo

A Pokemon Go trainer got a 100 IV version of one of the rarest and most coveted Legendaries in a Lucky Trade, leaving fans in awe.

Legendaries are among the most popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go due to their superior stats and powerful moves.

While these icons are available in 5-Star Raids or even in the wild, there’s one particular Pokemon that’s arguably the rarest Legendary in the mobile game, making it highly sought-after by the community. So, when a trainer got a perfect 100 IV version of this Legendary, everyone was shocked!

A Reddit user named ‘Wonderful-Ear-5003’ asked, “How rare is this? My friend told me it was event Pokemon and now I have this!” as they posted a screengrab of a Lucky 100 IV version of the elusive Armored Mewtwo obtained in a trade.

Users were awestruck by the Legendary as they commented: “That’s probably THE rarest hundo (100 IV) in the entire game” and “That’s like a 1 in a million chance!”

Another wrote, “People would trade multiple shinies for it and you got the hundo. That’s a huge flex right there” while others highlighted that Armored Mewtwo was only available in two small windows during the now eight years of Pokemon Go.

While Armored Mewtwo is not as strong as regular Mewtwo in the meta, it is bulkier and still a worthy addition to PvP teams.

armored mewtwo in pokemon goArmored Mewtwo’s stats in Pokemon Go are 182 Attack, 278 Defense, and 214 HP.

Trainers suggested the OP spend XL Candies on the Armored Mewtwo, use an Elite Charged TM to give it its signature move Psystrike, and cherish it forever. But, the OP is now looking forward to its shiny release, as most are yet to add it to their Pokedex.

With Armored Mewtwo based on the first season of the Pokemon anime, trainers hope to see it in Raids or Research in an anniversary event down the line.

Until then, here’s how to get another rare and powerful Legendary, Zygarde, in Pokemon Go by using the Routes feature.

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