Pokemon Go players fascinated by “extremely rare” Shadow species catch

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Shadow Meowth

Shadow Pokemon are great additions to any Pokemon Go team, but some species are only viable for collection purposes. And this incredible Shadow Pokemon might be the rarest thing you’ll see today.

For Pokemon Go players, having strong Legendaries in your team is the way to play. For some, collecting shinies is their passion. But for others, getting all the Pokemon with alternative forms is their favorite hobby.

The game is filled to the brim with cool and unusual species to collect, and a trainer has just shared a Shadow Pokemon that is so rare, that other fans are even having trouble finding the appropriate term to define it.

This unusual finding was shared with the Pokemon Go community by Reddit user ‘ChannelNational7923,’ who stated: “This is definitely one of the Pokemon of all time.” The OP then showcased a rare shiny Shadown zerundo Meowth, which is quite a unique catch.

Pokemon Go trainers were amazed by the OP’s lucky encounter, but also stated that this rare specimen has barely any use but to have a prominent position on this player’s collection: “It doesn’t look like anything, and it’s terrible, but it’s rare!”

Some have called it the “shasnundo” while others refer to it as “shishadnundo.” Both are a combination of the Pokemon Go terms ‘shundo,’ ‘nundo,’ and ‘Shadow.’

According to some players, this specimen might even be a homage to the original Team Rocket sidekick: “Canonically accurate Meowth,” a Pokemon fan stated. While another answered: “As accurate as it can be lol. He’s totally ‘evil’ and worthless in battle.”

Although the original Meowth is not a shiny specimen, it is certainly as evil as it can get. And if you are looking to catch more Shadow Pokemon yourself, here’s a guide to defeat Shadow Raikou, and another one to beat and catch Shadow Entei.

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