Pokemon Go players stunned by trainer’s “super lucky” haul from one Daily Incense

Niladri Sarkar
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While most Pokemon Go fans look to encounter the Legendary Galarian Bird trio from the Daily Incense, a player has left everyone in disbelief with three back-to-back extremely rare finds.

The Daily Incense is one of the most talked-about items in Pokemon Go as they’re the only way to find the Galarian Bird trio. Aside from these Legendaries, players can also encounter Pokemon that are usually rare spawns in the wild.

That’s exactly what happened with a trainer with the username ‘Mental_Committee’ on Reddit who flexed their incredible haul from a Daily Incense in a post captioned with: “Should I go buy a lottery ticket? (all from the same daily).”

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The post showed the OP coming across an Ursaring, a Luxray, and a shiny Rockruff within seconds of each other, with users applauding the amazing feat in the comments section.

Fellow players wrote: “That’s probably one of the best daily incense hauls. Compared to 99% of the time… lol” and “3 uncommon-rare spawns like this all at once is super lucky IMO! Love that shiny Rockruff.”

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But what impressed fans more than anything was the OP’s revelation that their shiny Rockruff could evolve into the coveted Lycanroc Dusk form. This prompted a trainer to say, “That’s one of the rarest shinies in the game, congrats!”

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This even surprised the OP, who commented: “Oh wow really? I’ve heard Rockruff was rare didn’t know the shiny one with dusk form capability was really rare.”

While the shiny Rockruff is undoubtedly a prized catch in Pokemon Go, players even celebrated the other two rare fully-evolved grabs. “I love Ursaring and I’d be stoked to find a Luxray in the wild,” one stated before another chimed in: “You have a fully evolved Luxray! Who cares about the IVs at least it’s a free fully evolved and extra candy.”

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The OP can cherish their extremely rare shiny Lycanroc Dusk form from the Rockruff and even find use of the Luxray and Ursaring, as they’re usable Great League Pokemon that wouldn’t need too much Stardust to power up.

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