Pokemon Go players stunned by double Hundo trade with ridiculous odds

Niladri Sarkar
two pokemon go friends doing a lucky trade

When a Pokemon Go player and their friend did a Lucky Trade of two iconic Legendaries, little did they expect how perfect the traded Pokemon would become, leaving fans spellbound.

Powering up a Pokemon and maxing it out to level 50 in Pokemon Go is a grueling task as it requires millions of Stardust, tons of regular and XL Candy, walking with your Buddy, and lots of patience.

Thankfully, you would need fewer in-game resources if the species is a Lucky Pokemon, obtained from a rare Lucky Trade with a friend. Needless to say, the icing on the cake would be to end up with Lucky Pokemon having perfect 100 IV stats, also known as ‘Hundos’ among the community.

This happened with a trainer named ‘Neon-Raptor’ on Reddit, who asked “What are the odds?” as they shared screengrabs of a Lucky Trade where the OP got a Hundo Kyogre and their friend got a Hundo Rayquaza, two of the strongest Pokemon in the mobile game.

Fellow players marveled at the Lucky Trade, as they lauded them with comments such as: “Amazing wtf” and “Wow love it!!”

One trainer even went on to answer the OP’s question by calculating the chances of the rare Pokemon Go trade. “The odds of getting two Hundos from a guaranteed lucky trade is 1/64 * 1/64. So 1 in 4,096. Aka about a .023% chance,” they explained.

As more users congratulated the friends for the Lucky grabs, one of them pointed out that the odds of encountering a shiny in mainline games, such as Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, are also 1/4096, which amazed fans at the coincidence of the numbers.

“1/4096 is still very rare. The reason it doesn’t seem like it in S/V is because you constantly see so many overworld Pokemon roaming constantly, so you’re effectively getting tons of encounters all the time,” a trainer added.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some Lucky Trades yourself, check out our list of active friend codes to add and also the species that evolve by trading in Pokemon Go.

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