Pokemon Go players shamelessly approve of “nightmare fuel” Pikachu PokeStop

Lucas Simons
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A group of Pokemon Go players shared the exact location of a notoriously infamous and poorly designed Pikachu kiddie ride, and trainers cannot get enough of it.

Pokemon Go has an integrated feature called Wayfarer, that allows Pokemon trainers all over the world to nominate points of interest from their cities to become PokeStops inside the game. However, some rules apply at the time to upload some of these spots as candidates.

There had been cases before, some players have seen ridiculous routes being approved, or questionable PokeStops in weird places, but this Grotesque Pikachu PokeStop takes the prize home. Players have said they consider this “disgusting,” and “one of the scariest things they’ve seen.”

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But not all players believe this poorly designed Pikachu deserves to be hated, and, as a matter of fact, are delighted to finally know its exact location, to pay it a visit themselves.

Originally shared by Reddit user ‘Hero_8,’ this “Nightmare fuel of the beloved Pokemon electric mouse” is located in Sydney, Australia. To be more precise, in the region of Cabramatta, a suburb of New South Wales.

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According to user ‘SupremeSuperiors’ “It’s accessible near Dutton Lane/John Street,” and if you walk into the Arcade, you will find it in the “hall connecting the two areas.”

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Pokemon Go players have baptized this creature “Pigachu,” and most of them love how goofy it looks. But not every trainer thinks this creature should exist, one of the trainers had a bad experience when encountering this creature.

“Me and a friend took his kids to the arcade near our city, then at some point we found his eldest son frozen solid, staring at the thing. Boy cried his eyes out for hours. He had to take him to a shrink!”

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Though this “Pigachu” might seem grotesque, many trainers find its appearance funny and state that “it makes them laugh really hard” every time they see it.

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