Pokemon Go players shocked by ridiculous route green light: “How did this get approved”

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Pokemon Go’s community often shares a lot of tales about incredible feats and cool Pokemon catches. But also some stories about the misuse of the Pokemon Go features. This is what the community thinks about some of the Routes approved by Niantic’s Wayfarer app.

Trainers have their hands full with this new Season of Pokemon Go, and most likely, with the many events incoming, like the Adamant Times, as well as the new Raids coming for the rest of the year.

Many players have been sharing their tales of epic encounters with legendary Pokemon, and some funny fails. But one of the trends among Pokemon Go fans is to share their weirdest-looking Routes. Some of them got the green light from the fearsome Wayfarer automatic review feature, which has caused a wave of bans before.

But what happens when a Pokemon Go player outsmarts the filtering app and gets its laziest Route approved? Well, this was shared recently by ‘Rnin0913’ on Reddit, and the community was shocked at the fact it was approved by Niantic.

Rnin0913 posted this and commented: “How did this get approved? It’s just walking down the aisles at the food store.” The image above describes his Route traced across the food stalls in a local supermarket, which is among the possible infringements of Niantic’s TOS (Terms of Service).

One of the members of the community responded to this post by saying: “Yet I have been trying to get one approved since August, that is walking down the street from one set of gyms to another.”

While another frustrated player added: “Man it took almost 4 months for something to happen to my submissions, and they both got rejected for reasons that would be applicable to all the routes near me yet those are fine.”

pokemon go along the routes special research npc mateo
The new NPC Mateo, was received with mixed opinions from the Pokemon Go fans.

Some of the trainers commenting went as far as to say that they were “shocked” and “surprised” about this trainer’s Route approved. Another player even suggested repeating the same route using the seats at his local church as waypoints.

This happens at a time when many players are frustrated with the recent Pokemon Go Along The Routes event, where Pokemon Go players were tasked to collaborate with a new NPC called Mateo, which many players have branded as “worthless.”

If you are still interested in knowing what’s going on in Pokemon Go, we suggest you take a look at our Spotlight Hour Schedule, and our Pokemon Go Raids guide, to know what’s ahead of you.

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