Pokemon Go player hits the jackpot with unlimited Gym & PokeStop access

Niladri Sarkar
several gyms and pokestops in pokemon go

A Pokemon Go player has shocked everyone with the sheer number of Gyms as well as a special PokeStop around their new home.

For any Pokemon Go player, having Gyms and PokeStops in their vicinity is a dream as they let you catch tons of Pokemon, always be stocked up on Poke Balls and other core in-game items, battle in Raids, and so much more.

So, trainers were in for a shock when a lucky player showed how Pokemon Go looks in their new apartment. The player, with the username ‘Ok-Joke848’ on Reddit, shared a screengrab of their game map from the new place they moved into, which had a whopping five Gyms and a PokeStop within reach.

If this wasn’t unbelievable already, users noticed that the PokeStop was no normal one, instead it had the Showcase feature enabled. Users marveled at the “masterpiece” and commented: “Having a Showcase stop and several gyms on the apt is crazy, GGs to you I’m super jealous.”

The OP mentioned that of the five Gyms, their GPS drift in Pokemon Go takes them to two. But, a trainer shared some sound advice that would be of great help during Raids:

“A tip: you can join raids in all of them even if you are not in range. If you open the raid screen, where it shows the boss and says ‘Battle’, turn off location then click battle, it will enter you in with a normal daily pass (or premium pass if you don’t have daily ones) and you don’t need to rely on drift or anything to pull this off,” they said.

Addressing the elephant in the room, the OP promised not to kick trainers from opposing teams out of the Gyms, and to let them keep their Pokemon for at least eight hours to claim the day’s Poke Coins.

Such a location is truly amazing and is ideal for enjoying special Pokemon Go events like Community Day and Go Fest.

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