Pokemon Go players call out Horizons event’s “garbage” Paldean spawns

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go horizons event paldean starters sprigatito, quaxly, and fuecoco

The Horizons event in Pokemon Go may have only a small number of featured species, but players are sick and tired of some particular ones that they find useless.

With the Horizons event live in Pokemon Go, players can catch several Pokemon that are featured in the ongoing anime series such as Captain Pikachu, Charcadet, the Paldean starters, and Charizard, in the wild, Raids, and Eggs.

With the possibility of finding shiny Charizard through photobombs, as well as adding the iconic duo of Ceruledge and Armarouge, the event has certainly got the community hyped.

That said, fans seem to be unhappy with some “annoying” Pokemon spawns in the event, as they took to the comments section of a Reddit post by user ‘PJChloupek’ who trolled Niantic for hosting a typical event.

A player wrote, “Everything else is fine but I’m getting tired of the Paldea starters in every event that introduces a Paldean mon” before another replied: “If they could at least be shiny I’d be more okay with it, but they’re just so boring right now.”

Others mentioned that these three have lost their novelty. While Fuecoco’s final form Skeledirge is good in PvP, fans are not too high on grinding this popular Fire-type starter.

“Even with Skeledirge being good, I still don’t want to evolve one because my pogo-trained min-max brain knows that we’ll get Blast Burn on it one day,” a user explained.

Others agreed with this and stated that catching them is not worthwhile now: “They’ll get Community Days anyway, they are just annoying.”

One trainer even joked that Niantic put these “garbage” Pokemon in the event to make up for the much-awaited Primal Kyogre and Groudon Raid Days.

But, certain starters like Snivy had its shiny version released in Pokemon Go before its Community Day, so players hope that Niantic releases even one Paldean starter shiny in an upcoming event where these three are featured.

As you await the upcoming Raid Days, here’s how to beat Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in Pokemon Go.