Pokemon Go players share simple tips to complete platinum Dragon Medal quickly

Niladri Sarkar
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Among all Medals in Pokemon Go, the platinum Dragon Tamer is the most popular as well as the toughest to obtain. While many couldn’t complete the grind in the Dragons Unleashed event, a few players have revealed some simple yet unexpected ways to get it done.

There are 18 different Pokemon types in Pokemon Go but the Dragons are arguably the most sought-after among players, and adding more of these species to your collection helps you get close to the platinum Dragon Tamer Medal.

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Though several fans were able to make some progress during the Dragons Unleashed event, many are yet to grab the coveted Medal, which requires them to get 2,500 Dragon-type Pokemon.

Now, it looks like it won’t be too long to be done and dusted with this Medal, as a few players have revealed some completely unexpected tips to get it fast!

After a trainer with the username ‘benlogna’ shared a Reddit post in which they wrote: “Help I am suffering from post-dragon depression..” and added: “I miss da gibles..” several fellow trainers expressed regret over not being able to complete the platinum Dragon Medal grind.

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A frustrated Pokemon Go player commented: “I only need 188 more dragons to get my platinum dragon medal… I guess I’ll have to wait another 6 months to complete it.”

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Another mentioned that they’re only left with the platinum Dragon Medal: “I’m so far from my platinum dragon medal. Playing since day 1 and finished my other type platinum [Medals] ages ago. Even after this weekend, where I played a ton, I still have just over 1,000 to go.”

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But then, a player came to their rescue when they revealed an easy tip: “Have you evolved the ones you caught? Both evolve and trade (to you) counts for the Medal.”

This remarkable suggestion took many off-guard as they had no idea that evolutions and trades work. “Didn’t know that!! Thanks,” a user replied, while another mentioned: “I’ve evolved as much as I can. I didn’t realize the trades count though. I have a bunch of dragons to trade. Thanks for the tip.”

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A user also highlighted another method: “Hatching also counts.” Dragon-type Pokemon are widely featured in 10km Eggs, making them your best bet to hatch them.

But that’s not all as fans can also evolve Mons that aren’t Dragons themselves, but evolve into one. As one pointed out, “Skrelp evolves to dragon.” Other such Pokemon include Swablu and Trapinch.

As you hunt for Dragons in Pokemon Go, check out how to get some rare ones like Frigibax and Zygarde.

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