Pokemon Go players dominate Showcases with major rural advantage

Joaquín Frere
PokeStop Showcase in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players are finding innovative ways to win PokeStop Showcases, and they are willing to travel miles for it, so here’s how you can do it too.

Pokemon Go packs many activities for players to complete in any part of the world, but due to cities being big hubs for trainers, some are hard to come by or complete. From Raids to Community Days or Spotlight Hours, Niantic’s game is full of community-driven alternatives.

This is not the same for rural players, or basically, trainers who live far away from these big hubs, as completing group activities is hard without Remote Raid Passes. Not all activities accept them as well, so the game’s difficulty in this kind of situation goes up.

A Reddit user might’ve found the “one benefit” for rural players, and it is even causing many city trainers to go rural to complete PokeStop Showcases easily.

“You should try and drive to some rural areas. Whenever I go out, I usually pass by one or two rural areas on my way to my destination and there’s usually 0 – 3 people participating in showcases,” commented a user while backing the rural player benefits.

City players are praising Pokemon Go rural players, as they seem to have a hard time during the PokeStop Showcases: “I live in Los Angeles, I’ve only ever won 2 and don’t plan on winning many others. Even getting top 10 is tough, usually 100+ on each one.”

The benefits of having PokeStops with a Showcase featured in areas where not so many Pokemon Go players roam seem to be the key to winning this tough challenge: “Agree, i have 2 in my village. Only losing in summer when tourists come xD.”

“I live in NYC and could never even dream of this,” shared a city trainer while reacting to the OP’s triple win on a rural Pokestop. “Unfortunately I’m in a city so unless the showcase is for a specific Pokemon that not many people have but I do. I’d have to travel to find ones that aren’t filled up,” added another seeming city player.

Rural players are not often praised or benefited, and while they might sometimes play on hard mode, PokeStop Showcases seem to be easy this way. Also, note that achieving 100 wins in the PokeStop Showcase can net you a brand new PhD Pikachu!

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