Pokemon S&V player theorizes why Pawmot can’t use popular Fighting-type move

Lucas Simons
Pawmot Pokemon S&VThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have been trying to figure out the mystery behind Pawmot’s inability to learn a popular Fighting-type move, and they seem to have found the answer.

Ever since Generation 9 debuted with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans of the franchise have been discussing their favorite Pokemon, and among them, Pawmot excels both in popularity and utility. But some fans have been wondering why this species cannot learn a popular Fighting type move.

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Given that Pawmot is an Electric/Fighting-type Pokemon, it’s expected to learn the popular move Drain Punch, but it surprisingly can’t. Trainers have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why this Pokemon cannot learn the move.

Now, a group of fans have formulated a theory that many players seem to consider accurate according to lore and the Pokemon’s anatomy.

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Reddit user ‘mrs-monroe’ seems to have found the answer to why Pawmot cannot learn the popular Fighting-type move Drain Punch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

“I brought it up and my husband pointed out that it wouldn’t be appropriate for the pokemon with defibrillators for hands, not to mention Revival Blessing, to have any kind of draining move. It all makes sense now,” they explained, and many players agreed that this theory makes sense.

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One of the players commenting on the post said: “I’m so ready to headcannon this.” Meanwhile, another trainer pointed out how overpowered it would be if a fast Pokemon like Pawmot had access to a draining move like Drain Punch.

On the other hand, a Pokemon fan explained that Eelektross didn’t have any Water-type move when it debuted, but ever since, the devs made it learn Liquidation and Aqua Tail. This means that Pawmot could see its move pool modified in the future.

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