Pokemon Go PokeStop Showcase: November 2023 dates, featured species, more

PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

PokeStop Showcases are one of the most recent features added in Pokemon Go, and fans are eager to know all about them and what they look like in November 2023. So here’s all you need to know about PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon Go, including the schedule and featured species for November 2023.

The Pokemon Go community got access to loads of exciting in-game developments in 2023. Whether it’s Routes, Shadow Raids, or new Pokemon from the Paldea region, fans leave no stone unturned in exploring these features in the mobile game.

But hardly any of them generate as much buzz as PokeStop Showcases, as everyone looks forward to enjoying them every single month. With November 2023 already shaping up to be an unforgettable month, players want to find out all about Showcases and its upcoming events.

With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about PokeStop Showcases, its rules and rewards, and all the details about November Showcase events in Pokemon Go.

What are PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon Go?

Screenshots of PokeStops Showcases in Pokemon GoNiantic
PokeStop Showcases are a great way to explore and earn lots of rewards.

A PokeStop Showcase is a new way to compete with other Pokemon Go players by displaying your best Pokemon. Showcases appear during in-game events, and players can pick a Pokemon to compare with other trainers in different categories. Each Showcase has its own pool of eligible Pokemon and is available for a limited time.

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PokeStops hosting a Showcase have an icon above them. To participate in a Showcase, you need to tap that PokeStop and then tap ‘Showcase’ to select a Pokemon. You can only enter one Pokemon per Showcase, so pick your contender carefully. If you catch a better Pokemon while the Showcase is still active, you can switch it remotely.

You can still trade, transfer, change form, or evolve the Pokemon you pick after it enters a Showcase, so it doesn’t work like a Gym. However, not all PokeStops can host Showcases, so walk around your area until you find one that does. Showcases will take place at the same PokeStops throughout the season, so keep that in mind.

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How to win a PokeStop Showcase in Pokemon Go

To win a PokeStop Showcase, Pokemon Go players have to pay attention to its specific rules. For now, Showcases are centered around size, so you’ll have to pay attention to the rules of each Showcase to see if you need to pick a small or big Pokemon. You can check this by tapping ‘Showcase’ after tapping a PokeStop.

You can also review everything about PokeStop Showcases on its Pokemon Go dedicated page, where you can also check the Leaderboards. There you can see where your Pokemon ranks in the Showcase you’re displaying.

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Screenshots of PokeStops Showcases rewards in Pokemon GoNiantic
All participating players will get rewards when the PokeStop Showcase concludes.

The good news is you’ll receive rewards no matter what rank you end up in. All trainers who participated will receive rewards such as Stardust and XP, among other items. The top three contestants can receive other rewards, such as an Incubator or a Star Piece. The winner of the Showcase will get a special medal.

Trainers can claim their rewards via the Today View when the Showcase concludes. They can also claim them directly from the PokeStop. The icon on the PokeStop that hosted the Showcase will turn orange if there are rewards for Trainers to claim.

Pokemon Go PokeStop Showcases in November 2023

Here’s the complete schedule and featured species in PokeStop Showcases held during November 2023:

DuskullNovember 1 – November 2
LitwickNovember 7 – November 10
TadbulbTadbulbNovember 11 – November 12
GothitaNovember 15 – November 19
MareanieNovember 15 – November 19
SprigatitoNovember 22 – November 27
FuecocoNovember 22 – November 27
QuaxlyNovember 22 – November 27
MareepNovember 25
AmpharosNovember 25
LechonkNovember 28

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about PokeStops Showcases and their featured species in November 2023. Make sure to stay up to date with upcoming events so you don’t lose your chance to participate.

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