Pokemon Go’s returning Ultra Beast is “nightmare fuel” for players

Niladri Sarkar
all ultra beasts in pokemon go

Ultra Beasts (UBs) are all over Pokemon Go, headlining Raids and Research quests, allowing everyone to catch ’em all after months away from the game. But, a certain species is giving players the jitters due to how unhinged it is.

The culprit is none other than Guzzlord, the evil Ultra Beast from the Sun and Moon games. While all UBs have abnormal designs since they’re extraterrestrial Pokemon, this Dark/Dragon-type seems the most farfetched for fans of the mobile game.

Since trainers can easily catch it in the Inbound from Ultra Space event ahead of Go Fest 2024, many were taken aback upon encountering it, with one even taking to Reddit to post about the “nightmare fuel.”

Users shared their reactions to Guzzlord, as one wrote: “The first time I saw that thing the other day. WHAT. THE. FU” while another added that it looks like a killer clown from outer space.

With more people expressing their shock over the “freak,” some shared more tidbits that possibly make this Ultra Beast scarier. They mentioned: “The best thing about Guzzlord is that in the Anime it just screams very loudly like an actual unhinged monster.”

Right on cue, a person shared a link to Guzzlord’s cry in the mainline games and the anime, leading to comments calling it “horrifying” and worse than imaginable.

As many were curious about the creature’s lore, a fan explained, “The living manifestation of a black hole, one of the scariest Dragon types in the series. Mind you, because Guzzlord is an Ultra Beast (and thus from another dimension), it’s meant to look alien and somewhat scary.”

Note that the Guzzlord caught by the OP is shiny, and the regular version is black and golden instead. While they still found it scary, many warmed up to the rare shiny catch, admitting they loved its colors.

“Idk man but I’m not gonna lie, I’ve only got one and it’s not shiny and when I googled the shiny version this hot piece of garbage became just as desirable to me as a shiny Duckett. I love these fugly shines,” one stated.

As Pokemon Go Fest 2024 closes in, check out all the new shinies you can get and if the event ticket is worth it.

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