How to take photos in Honkai Star Rail

Aakrit Sharma
March 7th posing for a picture in Honkai Star Rail

From its open world to its characters, there’s a lot to admire in Honkai Star Rail. Clicking pictures is one of the best ways to immortalize your best in-game moments, and here’s a guide on how to take photos in Honkai Star Rail.

There are numerous instances in Honkai Star Rail where you’ll find yourself needing to grab a snapshot – maybe to wrap up a mission, or perhaps just to appreciate the strikingly beautiful world and characters around you. The good news is, the game equips you with a handy photo mode designed perfectly to capture these moments.

Mastering the photo mode in the latest gacha RPG by HoYoverse is a piece of cake. If you’ve been wondering how to take photos in Honkai Star Rail, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details.

How to use the photo mode in Honkai Star Rail

To use the photo mode in Honkai Star Rail, you first need to complete the tutorial. After that, the camera can be accessed from the bar on the right side of the pause menu.

March 7th posing for a picture with another character
Honkai Star Rail characters can strike various poses while taking photos.

A variety of filters can be applied to your snaps, and you can alter the intensity of these effects to match your preferences, the same as what you’d do on platforms such as Instagram. The game lets you switch between front and rear cameras, and you can zoom in for a detailed shot, or zoom out to get a broader view of the scenery.

A menu on the top-left corner opens up more options, such as adjusting the camera angle, concealing your character, hiding personal details, the game logo, or even switching to a first-person perspective. Plus, you can select from an array of poses and facial expressions before you snap that picture.

Once the image meets your expectations, you can save it directly to your device and luckily, the photo mode operates smoothly on both PCs and smartphones.

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