Honkai Star Rail Guide Paradox mission: All choices and endings, how to complete, rewards

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Esther in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players who like diving deep into lore will be amazed to learn about the abundance of intriguing side quests in the game. One such quest that hands out free Stellar Jade is called Guide Paradox, and here’s how you can complete it in Honkai Star Rail by making the right choice.

Honkai Star Rail has surged onto the gaming scene, quickly lighting up the industry landscape. From the minds behind Genshin Impact, this fresh gacha game gives fans a rich universe of characters, seven combat elements, and narratives to delve into.

Similar to Genshin, it offers a broad and diverse world to explore, filled with more than just its core turn-based combat system. Among such unique content pieces is the Guide Paradox mission and here’s how to complete it.

Honkai Star Rail characters interacting during Guide Paradox mission
You’ll be introduced to a ton of new characters through side quests in Honkai Star Rail.

How to unlock the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll need to receive a message from Arlan requesting your assistance in recovering a purloined videotape. However, to trigger this specific unlocking message, you must first successfully complete Asta’s Companion mission.

After initiating the mission, set your course to the Central Passage space anchor, located in the Master Control Zone. Follow the quest path northeast on the map until you spot an elderly character atop some stairs – that’s Esther. A chat with Esther will reveal her need for your help in locating three missing videotapes.

Where to find Esther’s videotapes in Honkai Star Rail

Esther’s videotapes in Honkai Star Rail can all be located in the Supply Zone, with handy map markers guiding you to each one. Here’s where you’ll uncover each:

  • Doomsday tape: East of Spare Parts Warehouse space anchor.
  • Justice tape: North of the Railway Platform space anchor, on top of a desk.
  • Dim Blue Dot tape: Sharing a room with the Justice tape.

Having collected the tapes, your character will view each one, consequently fainting, and later regaining consciousness in the medical bay. Upon waking, follow Joanne to encounter Sheila (suffering from short-term memory loss) and Gunn.

The mission will evolve into aiding Joanne and Sheila, as Sheila seeks a place to store her memories. Following this, you’ll need to navigate to the Electrical Room in the Supply Zone. The room of interest is to your left, positioned north on the map.

Inside the room, the monitor on the right is your target. You’ll spot an enemy within the room, but there’s no need to engage unless directly provoked.

Once this is done, seek out Joanne and Sheila to confront Gunn regarding Sheila’s true identity – an android formed in the image of Gunn’s deceased lover. Android Sheila unearthed her true self during an attempt by Gunn to “fix” her, triggering the entire mission in the game.

All three choices to end the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail
Many quests in Honkai Star Rail require you to make compelling decisions.

All three endings in Honkai Star Rail’s Guide Paradox mission explained

You’ll have three choices to end the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail:

  1. Reveal the Truth to Sheila: This ending finds you disclosing Sheila’s origins to her, sparking her recollection of her “prior” existence. This insight induces an existential crisis in the android, overloading her cognitive module due to emotional stress.
  2. Repair Sheila’s Cognition: Opting for this path sees Sheila “repaired” and meeting you as if for the first time, with no memory of discovering her origins or your previous encounters.
  3. Destroy Sheila: This conclusion finds Android Sheila vanishing, leading Joanna to question if Gunn indeed destroyed the android.

Regardless of your decision, your final task is to return the tapes to Esther.

Rewards for completing the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail

You get the following rewards for completing the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail:

  • 100 Trailblazer Experience
  • 30 Stellar Jades
  • 3 Adventure Logs
  • 50 Hertareum
  • 5000 credits.

Upon returning the tapes, Esther will share a poignant tale about a researcher witnessing his lover’s solitary death in the depths of space due to oxygen deprivation. In gratitude, she will gift you the rewards mentioned above.

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