How to reroll in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail Himeko

The characters you get in Honkai Star Rail are decided by your early rolls. If you’re not happy with them, we’ll go over everything that you need to know about how to reroll in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail allows players to build a roster of characters and level them up through a gacha system like the one found in Genshin Impact. The characters you start off with will be determined by your initial rolls.

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However, you may find that you’re not satisfied with the characters that you got in the tutorial and want to reroll in order to get the best characters. If you’re wondering how to reroll in Honkai Star Rail then we’ve got you covered.

How to reroll in Honkai Star Rail

In order to reroll in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll need to create a new HoYoverse account under a different email before hopping into the game and playing the prologue again. You can repeat this process as many times as it takes to get the best characters.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a HoYoverse account with a fresh email.
  2. Log into Honkai Star Rail with the new email.
  3. Play through the prologue until you unlock gacha and pre-registration rewards.
  4. Do the reroll.
  5. Log out and repeat if you’re not satisfied.
honkai star rail character artHoYoverse
You can reroll if you’re not happy with your Honkai Star Rail characters.

Is it worth rerolling in Honkai Star Rail?

The general consensus is that it’s not worth rerolling in Honkai Star Rail as it takes time to repeat the process of creating new emails and signing up for the game. Five-star characters have low drop rates so you may end up repeating the process for a while.

Of course, you could get lucky and start with a five-star character right away, and that would be ideal. However, it’s worth playing Honkai Star Rail normally without having to go through this hassle.

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