Fortnite players disappointed with “underwhelming” Chapter 5 feature

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite characters in Chapter 5 Season 1

While players are excited for Fortnite Chapter 5 new game modes, users point out that Epic Games have “dropped the ball” with one of the brand-new features of the battle royale island.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced several new features to the main island, which provides some interesting opportunities for players to put their survival talents to the test. Along with brand-new locations, fans were excited to test the new train that continually travels through the map and has a “unique” chest with secured loot.

However, Fortnite’s train seems to have been disappointing players who were expecting an adrenaline-filled heist and encountered what they called “a pair of shipping containers on wheels.” “It’s a cool idea on paper, I just think the execution is weak,” commented a player on a Reddit post where Fortnite fans slammed this new mechanic.

fortnite character fighting enemies on a train
Fortnite fans said that not including the train in Winterfest 2023 was a “missed opportunity”.

According to the post, players feel that the train heist has quickly become a deserted place and are mainly disappointed with how easy it is to access the main loot. Those who were patient enough to unlock the chest have also been let down by the fact that it drops weapons that can be randomly found elsewhere.

“There are 4 locations on the map that I land at and get a full locker loadout within 30 seconds of landing. The train might give a pistol if you are lucky…,” pointed out Redditor ‘A1Strider.’ Other players agreed that the train should drop Epic of Legendary weapons, and that even after waiting the three-minute refresh time, they couldn’t get better loot.

Some Fortnite fans suggested that Epic Games could upgrade the train by putting a permanent Mod Bench, since players have stated that they are almost impossible to use in a limited amount of time. This could also help to attract more players to the vehicle, and to give it a real train-heist feel while users are fighting each other to get there first.

Other players also pointed out that not using the train for Winterfest 2023 was a big missed opportunity for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. “They could even put Sgt Winter on the train, instead of spawning him on the little North Island,” said Redditor ‘MauendeMyrte.

“Ugh, such a bummer. Winterfest could’ve been lit but they dropped the ball on that one. Instead of getting all in our feels about it, let’s just hope for some better events in the future,” said Redditor ‘Katinenomnqaf,’ who summed up the overall feelings that players have been expressing about this year’s holiday season event.

And that’s everything you need to know on why players are majorly disappointed by the new train on Fortnite’s map. If you want to know more about Epic Games’ battle royale, you can check what CoD Mobile Battle Pass feature Fortnite players are desperate to get or how to get free presents during Winterfest 2023.

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