Fortnite players desperate for CoD Mobile Battle Pass feature to combat fomo

Joseph Pascoulis
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Fortnite players are calling for the devs to bring a Battle Pass feature inspired by CoD Mobile into the free-to-play battle royale game.

Despite entering a completely new chapter, Fortnite’s Battle Pass has more or less remained the same throughout.

While there have been some tweaks and changes since its humble beginnings, Fortnite’s Battle Pass still offers similar content, with players completing Quests and leveling up to unlock seasonal skins and other cosmetic items such as Emotes and Back Blings.

Each new season brings a new Battle Pass with fresh skins for players to unlock. Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to unlock all of the skins before the end of a season, you’re out of luck, as they are limited to the season’s BP.

That said, some Fortnite players would like to see a major change to this system, inspired by a feature that can be seen in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Reddit user ‘swifto12’ suggested that Epic Games look at bringing “Battle Pass vaults like codm” to Fortnite, which is essentially a way for players to earn previous Battle Pass rewards.

As the OP explained further, this feature would allow Fortnite players to “buy the Battle Pass of any season in any chapter,” with the option to choose and switch which Battle Pass your XP is going towards. They feel this would give everyone a “chance to get things without missing out.”

The feature has been seen in CoD Mobile,where players earn Vault Tokens to get old items, and Fortnite players in the comments of the post feel it would also work in Epic Games’ battle royale. One comment read, “Absolutely. I dare say battle pass vaults are one of the most highly requested features and epic has listened to community feedback very often, but we can only hope.”

Some feel that, “at the very least,” older Battle Passes should be “available for those who already purchased them but haven’t completed,” allowing them to go back and finish it up as and when they want to.

Others “doubt” that something like this would ever be introduced, as “fomo (fear of missing out) is one of their biggest selling points.”

Epic have built a solid foundation when it comes to community-requested changes, as they often listen to players and have implemented many highly-requested QoL features over the years.

That said, there’s no telling whether or not CoD Mobile’s battle pass vault system will ever be seen in Fortnite, so we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, check out the leak that suggests Reality Augments are returning.

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