Fortnite players desperate for classic weapon feature to return

Joseph Pascoulis
upgrade bench in fortnite

Fortnite has seen many features come and go, but the community loved one weapon feature so much that they want to see it return.

Fortnite has seen many changes over the years, as new chapters and seasons introduce and remove content.

Arguably one of the biggest changes seen in Fortnite was Chapter 5, which brought massive upgrades to the graphics, as well as some new mechanics such as the weapon mod benches.

Speaking of which, while the majority aren’t exactly dissatisfied with the weapon mod benches, they are highlighting an OG weapon system from many seasons ago that allowed players to upgrade their gun rarity using resources.

Reddit user ‘Bearded_Beardy’ said, “This is what i miss in Fortnite. upgrading any weapon from grey to gold.”

Others seem to agree in the comments too, as one user replied, “me too, it was simple and effective,” while another said, “I hear ya and was great way to spend your gold.”

Not only did it give Fortnite players another thing to spend their materials on, but it also added a dimension of progression to games, as players would upgrade the first guns they picked up to Legendary rarity. It was also a great option for those who didn’t manage to find great weapons from the start.

Some prefer the old system to the mod benches, as one comment read, “these mod benches I’m not really into them…hopefully upgrade benches return next season.” However, others think they could pair well together.

One player said, “think they would go well with the mod benches. It would give players an alternative way to get good loot, keeping it fresh instead of the same damn thing every match.”

With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 inbound, who knows what Epic Games have up their sleeve, especially with the live event set to open Pandora’s Box.