Fortnite feature is so frustrating players think it’s broken

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite player mantlingEpic Games

Fortnite players have called out a controversial feature that apparently stopped working after the battle royale’s latest update.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 added many things to Epic Games’ title, from a brand-new map with a moving train to new Bosses, new movement animations, and other features to keep the experience fresh. Additionally, after a failed attempt in Chapter 4, Fortnite also brought the mantle and hurdle features to give players more options when exploring the terrain.

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But it seems players are having trouble with these features once again after the Fortnite 28.20 update. This patch seems to have broken other parts of the game as well, so many think they’re not able to hurdle windows anymore after its implementation.

Reddit user ‘rfoles’ shared their frustration by posting a video with the caption: “I hate windows.” Other Fortnite players joined the post, and many believe this is a new problem caused by the latest patch.

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“What happened to that mantling feature that worked perfectly in previous chapters?” another player ironically replied. Another Reddit user asked, “I feel like it’s gotten harder to go through them since the update. Did they change something?” before another replied, “I also feel like something changed after.”

“I never had an issue before but I noticed yesterday it’s a pain the a**,” commented user ‘Jayro_Ren,’ and another Fortnite player added: “It has definitely changed/broken. The morning of the update I was mantling over car bonnets/hoods and after the update you can’t, even though the ‘Press A’ to mantle prompt appears.”

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Others shared a useful tip to hurdle and mantle with ease, even though it doesn’t always work as intended. “I just have ‘vault when moving forward’ enabled. Makes it much smoother,” stated one player. And while this can help greatly, another Fortnite player commented: “Same, but that almost killed me at times when I involuntarily jumped a railing at a steep drop,” so keep that in mind.

With many bugs and new glitches showing up after Fortnite’s latest update, many believe Epic Games will compensate players eventually. We’ll keep you posted in case it happens.

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