Fortnite players claim next Chapter 5 update must redeem “basic” Season 1 story

Ezequiel Leis
Pandora's Box in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 live event

Fortnite is about to start its new season, so players are looking back at Chapter 5 Season 1’s story which may have started with a bang but ended in an unexpected way.

Fortnite is ready to jump into the next Chapter after players took part in the latest live event featuring Pandora’s Box. Chapter 5 Season 1, titled Underground, brought a brand-new map to Epic Games’ battle royale, introducing players to a moving train, revamped movement gameplay, new Bosses, and much more.

In terms of lore, everything started when the beloved character Peely was kidnapped by the newest villains. However, Chapter 5 Season 1’s storyline took weird turns that led to the Greek mythology-themed Season 2 that’s almost here. While players were glad to take part in the live event to open Pandora’s Box, they’ve pointed out that it seemingly has little to do with the Society, Peely, and the Underground.

Reddit user ‘ITSTHEGUYFROMFN’ jokingly stated there was “an interesting storyline this season…” when trying to link the beginning and end of Season 1. One player joked it felt like “Regular Show a** story pacing,” where one episode could start with something completely normal to end up with the main characters in space for weird reasons.

Thanks to another Reddit post recapping Season 1’s storyline, Fortnite players tried to piece it together to understand what was going on. One user commented, “Apparently Valeria staged Peely’s kidnapping to get hold of Jonesy to get out answers about the pandora’s box? but idk where that lady got the idea that this man knows anything about ancient relic created to trap world-destroying power.”

One player stated, “This season felt like filler to get ready for something more interesting” and another added, “would’ve been better to have some story lore being told through quests like we did for Amie and seven back in Chapter 3, those were fun.” A third player agreed and said: “100% they used this season to take it easy and cut back on stuff because of holidays. That’s the reason for it being so basic.”

Jonesy in Fortnite Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced players to Hope, Valeria’s sister.

Many players agreed that Chapter 5 Season 1 could have featured Story quests, and criticized Epic Games for not making the storyline more clear. “Reminds me of how they hyped C4S4 heist just for it to happen offscreen,” commented a player.

Now that Epic Games is hyping players for the next season, some are wary of what’s coming next. Others, however, tried to apply Epic’s logic to figure out what the next storyline could look like: “Everybody hates Valeria now so she hires Saul Goodman and there’s a breaking bad collab,” Reddit user ‘BraeDog09’ joked.

Fortnite will bring new characters, POIs, and much more very soon, so make sure to check everything we know about Chapter 5 Season 2 so far and all the Battle Pass leaked skins.

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