How to get Normal Gear in Diablo 4

Franco Diaz
Barbarian characters in Diablo 4

If you are just starting to play Diablo 4 and wondering how to obtain Normal Gear to take your first steps in the dreaded Season 1, here you have a comprehensive guide on where and how you can get Normal Gear in Diablo 4.

No matter if you are a new player starting in Diablo 4 or an experienced one who is replaying the campaign with a new character, everyone should have spectacular equipment that provides buffs, which will be very useful in combat. However, to reach that Legendary or Rare tier, you must start from scratch with normal gear.

Despite not being as useful as you level up and advance in the campaign mode, Normal Gear is a determining part of our equipment, mainly during the beginning of the campaign. Here you have a guide on where to find Normal Gear in Diablo 4.

What is Normal Gear in Diablo 4

Normal Gear are the most basic items in Diablo 4 and don’t provide players any extra benefits beyond a small amount of attack and defense for combat, but they are fundamental in helping you at early levels.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer class
A Sorcerer with his respective gear in Diablo 4.

The first levels will be easy as Diablo 4 will teach you the gameplay mechanics, the use of abilities, consumables, and more. As a result, killing mobs and completing some quests will become an easy task in these levels, however, earning better gear, no matter how easy it may be, will always give you an advantage.

How to obtain Normal Gear in Diablo 4

The most common way to obtain Normal Gear in Diablo 4 is by killing any mob. Another method is by completing the first missions. Lastly, you can also purchase Normal Gear with gold from the sellers in the early towns of Diablo 4.

Normal Gear is not very useful as it quickly becomes obsolete when you find better magical items. Once you acquire better gear, the best option for the normal gear you have stored is to sell it for gold.

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