Diablo 4: How to get Forgotten Souls

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You’ll need to collect the best gear to tackle the demonic forces in the Sanctuary, so here’s how to upgrade your gear using the Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4.

Season 3 of Diablo 4 will have you farming for strong Unique items and gear in no time, as the grueling endgame combat requires the best weapons and armor possible.

One way of upgrading your weapons and armor is by collecting a material called Forgotten Souls. Here’s everything you need to know to find them in Diablo 4.

What is a Forgotten Soul in Diablo 4?

Forgotten Souls are Rare Crafting Materials in Diablo 4 that are used to upgrade or reroll Legendary items.

It’s not really clear what Forgotten Souls are made from, although the game’s lore describes them as the following: “A stone, an organ or something else. Indescribably, it is all of these things.”

How to find Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4?

World Tier Statue in Diablo 4
You can change the World Tier at these Statues in Diablo 4.

Forgotten Souls can only be obtained after beating Diablo 4 on World Tier Two (Veteran) difficulty. This means that you have to complete the main storyline and unlock World Tier Three (Nightmare).

Once they do that, they’ll notice randomized world events called Helltides. These are empowered demonic events that affect a region of Sanctuary and challenge you to complete special objectives to get items such as Aberrant Cinders, Tortured Gifts, and Forgotten Souls.

How to get Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Map marking a Helltide event
You will receive a notification when a Helltide event starts.

The only way to get Forgotten Souls is to complete Helltide activities in Diablo 4. Once you reach the right zone, look for Screaming Hell Veins. These look like Ore Veins but will drop Forgotten Souls in addition to other materials.

Once you’re fighting in the middle of a Helltide, you can also run into demons known as Helltide Harbingers. These enemies have a chance to drop Forgotten Souls along with other precious items.

You can also acquire Forgotten Souls from Tortured Gifts, which are hidden chests that only appear when Helltides are active. You can only open these with a sufficient amount of Aberrant Cinders.

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