Easy Diablo 4 exploit lets players skip Battle Pass grind in Season 1

Nathan Warby
Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Season 1 introduces the game’s first Battle Pass, but fans have discovered a quick and easy exploit to skip the frustrating early grind.

Diablo 4‘s first major post-launch update has arrived and the Season of the Malignant has begun. The arrival of Season 1 has brought plenty of new features to the game, from seasonal characters to the new Malignant Tunnels that players must navigate.

Arguably the biggest new addition, however, is the first Diablo 4 Battle Pass which tasks Wanderers with completing Season Journey challenges to level up. The third of these objectives is titled Grim Reward and forces players to complete bounties from the Tree of Whispers in exchange for Caches.

This can be extremely time-consuming and bring your progress to a halt, but Diablo 4 players have figured out a way to complete the objective quickly and skip the Battle Pass grind.

How to skip Grim Reward in Diablo 4 Season 1

Reddit user ‘Gumby785’ found that the Grim Reward Diablo 4 Battle Pass challenge can be sped up by earning one Tree of Whispers Cache, then dropping it and picking it up repeatedly.

This Season Journey objective requires players to earn 10 different Caches, but this glitch seems to trick the game into thinking a new bounty has been completed every time it is picked back up. So, dropping the Cache and adding it back to your inventory nine more times will see you breeze through the challenge.

This exploit is clearly accidental and the devs will likely patch it in the coming days, but other players confirmed in the comments that it is still working at the time of writing. “Nice, tested and worked for me. Thanks bro,” said one grateful fan.

Others even called for the OP to “delete” the post out of fear of Blizzard catching wind and releasing a quick fix.

The Tree of Whispers can produce a number of different bounties, from completing a specific dungeon to defeating a number of enemies. So, this useful trick can save Diablo 4 players hours of time and move them onto the fourth Season Journey challenge in no time at all.

Be quick, though, as it probably won’t be too long before the devs patch the exploit and players have to collect all 10 Caches themselves.

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