Diablo 4 players split over highly requested Skip Campaign feature

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 Strongholds

Diablo 4 players are tired of having to repeat the same content after a new season begins, so here’s what they suggest adding to the “Skip Campaign” feature to make the grind less “tedious.”

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct has introduced several new mechanics, such as Constructs and Vaults, that players need to explore to stop the demon Malphas. This new season has reignited the debate about seasonal characters, especially when talking about quests that need to be repeated to unlock, once again, crucial areas from Sanctuary’s map.

A player rallied the Diablo 4 Reddit community to answer if the “Skip Campaign” option should include all Waypoints and Strongholds since they could be considered a “tedious” grind and almost useless for the Season 3 narrative. “You need to suffer through all the slow dialogue and animations every time you create a new character, which is dumb,” said user ‘sashisemattahametsu.’

“The waypoints and strongholds are boring extra content. They are not fun. They are not exciting. They do not unlock anything exciting. They cause you to just waste time to unlock them again,” described Redditor ‘Historical_Fee1737.'” Would you argue that you should unlock the altars of Lillith again? This is literally the same thing. It’s a pointless timesink and doesn’t add to the season experience.”

However, other Diablo 4 players disagreed with this perspective and explained that Strongholds are a great way to level up during the early game. They’ve also said that these areas were “the most enjoyable content” in the game, and it would be great if there was an option to reset them during the season.

“Waypoints, sure. It’s nothing to regain them, but why not just leave them open? Strongholds? Hell no, that is content where you play the game. They also serve a great function for transitioning to higher difficulties where the level is fixed at +2,” user ‘Bardmedicine’ pointed out.

Most fans agreed that Strongholds could even include a “Helltide reset,” where after completing it for the first time, players would face a harder version of the original demons. Nevertheless, the majority thought that unlocking Waypoints again just made navigation more difficult and indeed added nothing to the experience. “You’ve already played the game once, you know where sh*t is,” added user ‘Kirkals_34.’

And that’s everything about why Diablo 4 players are split over these highly requested Skip Campaign features. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check what players suggest doing to fix Helltides and what Season 3 mechanic players label as “unredeemable.”

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