Diablo 4 players call for simple D3 feature to avoid “character graveyard”

Amitesh Dhar
All Diablo 4 classes.

In Diablo 4, you need to create a new character whenever you begin your journey in a new season, but a popular feature from the game’s predecessor can help you avoid the hassle.

The Rebirth feature from Diablo 3 eliminates the need for you to create a new character at the start of every new season. It’s a quality-of-life upgrade, as it means you can jump directly into the seasonal content without having to worry about creating a brand-new character from scratch.

Because most players barely go back and play with their characters on the Eternal Realm, the addition of the Rebirth feature would simply mean that players can easily recycle their characters for every new Season in Diablo 4.

Reddit user ‘Wyvernshot’ shared a post calling for Blizzard to introduce the Rebirth feature in Diablo 4, and several others joined in on the conversation, agreeing that the feature would be a major QoL improvement.

Having a feature like Rebirth would not only mean that you don’t have to create a new character, but it would also mean that you don’t have to delete an older character to make space for a new one. A player explained, “Sure I can delete and remake new ones. But if I’d also like to make one of each class and take it into every season, [I could do so] with a button press.”

Others chimed in with some more popular features that Diablo 4 currently lacks, with the Armory being one of them. The Armory, also known as the loadout feature, lets you save your builds and switch them on the fly in D3.

Defending the lack of a Rebirth feature, a player said, “I’ve never really understood this one. What’s the point?” A different player replied to this question and said, “This is particularly cool for HC as it shows how long you’ve managed to keep the ‘same’ character alive, even across seasons.”

While there are rumors that the Armory will be added to Diablo 4 Season 5, there’s no word if Blizzard will be adding the Rebirth feature anytime soon. Until then, here’s a Masterworking trick to help you quickly re-temper your items along with what Diablo 4 players have said about the current state of the Strongholds in the game.